Eagle of Innovation 2019 – award for Efento’s sensors

In the 5th edition of the Eagle of Innovation competition, Efento won a distinction in the “Product” category for designing and implementing sensors working in both basic Internet of Things technologies – NB-IOT / LTE Cat M1. The jury appreciated one of the first in the world to implement universal sensors of physical quantities (temperature, humidity, pressure) constituting the basis of the Internet of Things.

Award ceremony

The company implements a rapid development strategy announcing the implementation of 11 new sensors for 2020, including gas, vibration, liquid level, noise and dust. The implementation of these products will strengthen Efento’s position as one of the leaders of the global Internet of Things.

The Eagle of Innovation Competition organized by the opinion-forming newspaper – ‘Rzeczpospolita’ aims to promote companies that introduce innovation, both in product and organizational terms.

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