New Efento Logger functionality – access from the application to the Efento Cloud platform.

In the latest version of the Efento Logger application (v 3.5.13), users can directly access their account on the Efento Cloud platform from the mobile application. This solution allows you to easily control your loggers from anywhere. The update is available and free for all users who have access to the Efento Cloud platform.

By logging into the Efento Cloud platform using the Efento Logger application, the user gains full access to his cloud account. The application displays all loggers assigned to the organization along with the established alarms. When the alarm threshold is exceeded, the user is immediately informed about it via SMS or e-mail and in the Logger application you can check what is happening.

The user has full access to their sensors and choosing a specific one can:

  • follow the record of measurements presented in the form of a table of values or a graph, showing the time and date of measurement, measured value and frequency of measurement
Temperature and humidity measurement table
Temperature measurement graph
  • display the alarm list and acknowledge them if they have been set. Alarms inform about exceedances, e.g. too low or too high temperature, sensor loss etc.
Alarm list for loggers
  • download reports as a PDF or CSV file. PDF reports can be created from any period in which the recorder performed and saved measurements (possibility to set the date and time of the beginning and the end of the report). In addition, you can choose the content of the report – measurements, daily statistics, monthly statistics, SAT / GDDC, average kinetic temperature (MKT). The measurements in the report are presented on the chart with the minimum and maximum values marked, the remaining data are presented in tabular form. The CSV report may contain all the information mentioned above, and is adapted for import by programs enabling further data processing.
PDF report