Extended range Bluetooth sensors coming soon!

Efento Sesnors  working with Efento Gateway have range of 100 meters (line of sight). In many applications, this range is not enough and customer have to add additional gateways to the installation in order to fully cover the whole monitored building. We currently develop new antennas in order to increase the range of our wireless sensors.

Test results are promising – we manage to extend sensors’ range to 400 meters with external omnidirectional antenna and over 200 meters with modified PCB antenna. Sesnors with extended range will be avaiable in our product portfolio in Q4 2016 and will be compatible with both Efento Gateway and Efento apps (Inspector, Logger, Trnasport).

Test setup

We have tested three different types of antennas:

  • currently used PCB antenna,
  • modified design PCB antenna,
  • omnidirectional, external antenna (4 dBi)

In every case described above, data from sensors was collected by Efento Gateway with regular 4 dBi omnidirectional antenna installed. Test was conducted outdoor and there were no obstructions between Efento Gateway and Efento Sensors. The distance between devices was measured with GPS recievers (accuracy: 5 meters). Each time the test was stopped when gateway was recieving fewer than a packet per 5 seconds from Efento Sesnor and the distance measured at that time is the range of a sensor.


Omnidirectional antenna (gain 4 dBi)

Sensor with external omnidirectional antenna has the best test results. Its range was 437 meters. In applications where such long distance is not needed, sensors transmission power can be tuned down, what will increase sensor’s battery lifetime.

odleglosc 437

Modified design PCB antenna

Modified design of sensors’ PCB antenna increased the range to 217 meters (100% increase). We continue developement of this project, including CE and FCC tests. Antenna modification will not change sensors’ form factor (only changes in PCB) but will allow customers to use Efento Sensors in new applications. Sensors with modified PCB antenna will be avaible in Q4 2016.

odleglosc 217

Currently used PCB antenna

Currently avaiable Efento Sensor was able to comunicate with Efento Gateway 104 meters away.

odleglosc 104