Update of Efento Inspector! – support for humidity sensors, new csv format

We are pleased to announce that Google Play offers another update of the Efento Inspector application (3.4.1). The most important change is the introduction of support for humidity sensors. Another important change is the formatting of csv reports now the data from all sensors is stored in one file, in the form of a table (in earlier versions the data was exported as separate csv files). The update is free and we encourage you to download it from Google Play.

Support for humidity sensors

The new application has full support for humidity sensors. You can configure notifications about exceeding humidity levels as  SMS / email alerts, preview the changes in humidity in a chart and generate reports containing humidity measurements. The configuration is not different from the setup of temperature sensors. The application automatically recognizes the type of sensor (temperature / temperature and humidity) and displays the options available depending on the parameters measured by the sensors. In addition, along with the suggestions of users, alarm thresholds are set in a new way –rolls have been replaced with easier to use and more intuitive text fields.

Konfiguracja powiadomień SMS
Sensory temperatury i wilgotności widoczne na liście sensorów
Konfiguracja progów alarmowych temperatury i wilgotności

New format of automatic csv reports

Along with the suggestions of users, the automatic csv reports are formatted in a new way. In the 3.4.1 version, the measurements from all sensors are provided as one csv file in tabular form. It applies both to short reports (values only) and full reports (values plus events). This way of formatting makes it easier to browse the data and print the summaries of the temperature or temperature and humidity levels when the smartphone running Efento Inspector app supports a large number of sensors. Automatic reports generated in pdf format have not been changed – separate pdf file with measurements from each sensor. An example of automatic report generated in the new csv format is available here.

Przykładowy automatyczny raport csv w nowym formacie