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Air in hospitals – do not infect

The basic principle of epidemiological safety in hospitals, laboratories and dissectors is to ensure proper air circulation. The design rules for such systems are very precise and provide appropriate standards....

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How not to overpay 10 times for temperature monitoring?

Legal requirements and growing payroll costs related to technical supervision of installations cause a strong increase in automatic systems for monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, presence of gases and dust. Below...

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Eagle of Innovation 2019 – award for Efento’s sensors

In the 5th edition of the Eagle of Innovation competition, Efento won a distinction in the “Product” category for designing and implementing sensors working in both basic Internet of Things...

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New Efento Logger functionality – access from the application to the Efento Cloud platform.

In the latest version of the Efento Logger application (v 3.5.13), users can directly access their account on the Efento Cloud platform from the mobile application. This solution allows you...

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Integration of Efento sensors with Teltonika GPS locators

Efento sensors have been integrated with the Teltonika FMB120 GPS locator. As a result, temperature measurements made by Efento sensors can be sent to platforms that enable fleet management and...

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Efento Cloud October update

We are really glad to inform you, that new update of Efento Cloud is now available. The update is automatically available to all of the users and without extra charges....

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Vineyards – measurement of climatic parameters

The most important changes introduced in the recent update of Efento Logger is the ability to generate and display reports with statistics useful for viticulture. After installing the latest version...

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AMA Innovation Award 2018 – 35 most interesting projects in the scope of sensors and measurement techniques

AMA – Association for Sensors and Measurement has selected 35 of the most interesting ventures in the field of sensing and measuring technology, which facilitate the implementation of Industry 4.0...

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Example of pdf report generated by Efento Cloud

Efento Cloud – temperature and other physical values monitoring system – Frequently asked questions

What is the Efento Cloud system intended for? Efento Cloud is designed to monitor physical values in large facilities (industrial plants, hospitals, warehouses) and in buildings located in remote locations...

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LPWAN communication techniques for the Internet of Things

Recently, the development of wireless communication techniques for the Internet of Things has greatly accelerated. Decreasing prices of communication modules, as well as their increase in functionality, are convincing a...

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Wireless communication for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things changes our World. In an increasing number of facilities and cities around the world, sensors and other devices that access the network are installed. Connecting “Things”...

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Efento – monitoring of physical values based on wireless NB-IoT sensors

Short description of the innovation Efento has developed a modern solution for monitoring of physical values based on wireless NB-IoT sensors and Cloud platform. Efento was selected as one of...

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Efento among 12 companies which will develop NB-IoT products

Efento was selected as one of 12 European companies which will develop NB-IoT based products or solutions in WARP program organized by hub:raum along with T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom. From...

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Efento Cloud – may update!

We are pleased to announce that we have prepared and implemented new function in Efento Cloud platform. Update is free of charge and will be available to all users automatically...

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Efento awarded with Automaticon’s Gold Medal 2017

We are glad to inform that Efento was awarded with Automaticon’s Gold Medal award on 23 rd  International Fair for Industrial Automation 2017, which took place 14-17 th of March...

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Mean kinetic temperature in transport and storage

The Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) is a parameter that allows you to evaluate the effects of temperature changes on the behavior of drug quality. In case of temporary exceeding of...

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Efento joins WARP acceleration program organised by hub:raum

Efento joins WARP acceleration program organised by T-Mobile’s hub:raum. Program’s main goal is to boost the growth of innovative European startups and find ways of cooperation between them and T-Mobile....

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Efento Logger in Church of Peace in Jawor

Church of Peace in Jawor is a historic sacred building, built in years 1654-1655 under agreements of Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years’ War. The building was erected...

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We are pleased to announce that we have started a new store platform on our website. From now on you are able to purchase our products directly from our website....

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Extended range Bluetooth sensors coming soon!

Efento Sesnors  working with Efento Gateway have range of 100 meters (line of sight). In many applications, this range is not enough and customer have to add additional gateways to the installation...

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Update of Efento Inspector! – support for humidity sensors, new csv format

We are pleased to announce that Google Play offers another update of the Efento Inspector application (3.4.1). The most important change is the introduction of support for humidity sensors. Another...

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