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    G.M.Electronics develops and produces electronic, informatic and mechanical systems dedicated to the energy monitoring and increasing the energy efficiency. We developed products like Seegma (Integrated platform dedicated to the advanced monitoring of PV installations with 8.000 connected devices – www.seegma.be) or Monitoring-Assistance.



    Tempro - IOT, temperature CO2, humidity, and air qualit


    Tempro is a family-owned business operating across the Benelux region, specializing in dataloggers, CO2 meters, and environmental measurement systems for parameters such as CO2, temperature, humidity, and air quality.
    Tempro offers an advanced building monitoring system, ideal for real-time data tracking in applications involving refrigerators, freezers, warehouses, and refrigerated transport. Both systems are easily managed via our online cloud service, providing simple monitoring and 24/7 support.



    We contribute to the sustainability of industries and healthcare centers, allowing the reduction of their operational costs, optimizing the use of resources and providing comprehensive, innovative and end-user oriented solutions.

    We focus on meeting the needs of our business partners in the industrial and healthcare areas, as well as the community where we operate, providing personalized attention and sustaining a service of excellence.




    We specialize in providing in-depth indoor environment analytics, offering actionable advice to help you achieve a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment while reducing the carbon footprint of your building operations.




    A company looking for long-term success should clearly address the 3-fundamental principles and commit to long-term solid execution of these principles. Advantech is fully convinced by this theory so we adhere to it by clearly defining Advantech’s 3-Circle Principle.




    Enregistrement et alertes de température
    Sonde de température, 100% autonome

    s’adapte à tous les équipements:
    chambre froide, frigo, congélateur, vitrine



    INSTRUMENTYS, is specialized in Measuring Instruments.
    The areas in which we operate are as follows: Building Management, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food, Automotive, Aeronautics, R&D, Education, Control (Expertise), Metrology etc …



    Depuis plus de 20 ans, QL3D cultive son expertise et sa différence dans les domaines de l’informatique industrielle et du contrôle environnemental. Cette expertise a fait de nous, au gré des années, un acteur incontournable de la distribution de solutions de connectivité Ethernet, série, de capteurs, de modules d’entrées/sorties et autres technologies avec ou sans fil. Depuis notre création, plusieurs milliers d’utilisateurs, d’intégrateurs, d’automaticiens ou de SSII déploient et/ou utilisent nos solutions.





    Der Datenlogger-Store bietet seit 2001 eine große Auswahl an Datenloggern für verschiedenste Anwendungen. Wir bieten auch Kalibrierungen und angepasste Lösungen.
    Lassen Sie sich von unseren Messtechnik-Experten beraten.
    We even speak English!
    +49 7663 608 99-29


    QMSpot is a cross-industry and modular quality and hygiene management software/app for the central implementation, monitoring, optimization, analysis and archiving of your operational processes and critical control points.


    Great Britain

    We are the UK and Europe’s leading distributor of IoT solutions. We work with a variety of key partners across the globe to bring you the best in LoRaWAN, cellular LPWAN and IoT business solutions.


    Achema Scientific Equipment was founded in 2008 to offer its services in the field of high technology and its applications. It is mainly active in the fields of laboratory equipment, industrial applications and environmental research equipment.



    Established in 1990, DIPOL company is a European distributor of equipment intended for installation of telecommunication systems, CCTV, alarm and home automation systems, as well as a manufacturer of telecommunications and TV/DAB/FM antennas.


    Hong Kong


    MH CONNECTIONS focuses in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) which helps the enterprises start with IoT easily for you and your customers to monitor the valuable assets to derive the benefits and advantages for your business.
    Tel/WhatsApp : +852 6587 9567


    SwitchQ develops and intgrate smart sensors and controllers for energy management and monitoring. The company coordinates products designed for the business and individual markets via a web app that allows precise control of the devices to meet customer needs



    Digimax is the Italian reference point for the distribution of power supplies, industrial PCs, LED products, displays and electronic components thanks to its wide stock of products at competitive prices.


    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Atech, nb-iot, ble Internet of things
    A company looking for long-term success should clearly address the 3-fundamental principles and commit to long-term solid execution of these principles. Advantech is fully convinced by this theory so we adhere to it by clearly defining Advantech’s 3-Circle Principle.



    WILL Sensors is specialized into industrial sensors and solutions. Our wide range of industrial sensors allows us to offer complete solution for Internet of Things from sensor to cloud. Our core knowledge is manufacturing process monitoring, including counting, weighting, temperature, pressure and level monitoring, vibration control as well as several custom applications. The partnership with Efento allows us to complete our portfolio with high quality NB-IOT and Bluetooth solutions.



    AUREGIS works in the industrial measurement and automation areas in Lithuania and neighboring countries. We offer a wide range of industrial temperature, pressure, level, humidity, other measurement, control equipment and solutions for different applications, for usual, aggressive and explosive Ex zones. Our portfolio includes high quality wireless GSM, NB-IoT, LTE, wM-BUS, WiFi and Bluetooth sensors too.




    BRE Digital have interdisciplinary expertise and extensive experience with digital technology such as IoT, sensors and automation within industry, energy and the Smart City concept. We tailor solutions together with our customers, to streamline, automate and see new opportunities using digital tools.
    Our offices are located in Kristiansand, Porsgrunn and Molde.




    Ambimetric specializes in the acquisition of key data for environmental monitoring. We offer a full design and installation service meeting the customers’ needs and objectives whilst also supplying full after sales preventive and corrective maintenance program, training and consulting services.


    Republic of South Africa

    Elexsys distributes hardware and software for the display, recording and control
    of temperature, pressure, force, strain, humidity and other parameters.
    Elexsys offers a wide range of sensors employing Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LTE, IoT,
    Wireless telemetry and Cloud platforms for remote monitoring and data acquisition. We focus on providing high-quality, and flexible solutions together with technical support, at competitive prices.




    BlueNote Communications is a company specialized in SCADA, AMR, IoT and IIoT engineering. We integrate best-in-class technologies to build SMART solutions for remote monitoring and control of various processes. Our expertise can bring you closer to SMART production, energy efficient manufacturing, precision agriculture or simply hassle-free control of your business.


    South Korea

    Like the image of a scale that does not allow any errors, it will always approach customers accurately and sincerely.
    We promise to think of post management as our top priority.


    Spain, Andorra

    Regulación control e instrumentación
    de temperatura y procesos
    +34 935 741 320 / 935 744 116



    SENTRON TECHNOLOGY INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD., established in 1982, is dedicated in industrial instruments and equipments. Originally started with domestic professional manufacturer and temperature control instrument for measuring. Gradually, we formed import measuring instrument department. We are specialized in temperature and humidity dewpoint, control, transmitter, record, display, data logger, and standard generator.



    Kyouei Company Limited has more than 16 years of experience in the fields of measurement, control and industrial automation.
    We offer an integrated solution for monitoring and analyzing various physical parameters, based on wireless sensors (Bluetooth Low Energy, Narrowband IoT), advanced cloud platform, and mobile applications.
    E: suvicha@kyouei.co.th
    T: (66)-2319-9197


    TIN VIET TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING CO., LTD focuses on solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoTs) and Cloud computing. We use wireless sensors (RF, NFC, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, GSM, LTE), Cloud platform and Mobile applications.

    We will help you to monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure … for the lowest cost but the best quality.



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