Transport of medicines and vaccines

Transport of medicines and vaccines

Under the strict control

In accordance with the assumptions of Good Distribution Practice (Journal of Laws 2002, No. 144, item 1216) the transport of medicinal products is to be carried out in a way that guarantees: identification of the medicinal product, sender and recipient, protection against mutual contamination of products, protection against contamination, mechanical damage or theft, protection against the harmful effects of high and low temperatures, light and humidity as well as other adverse factors and the appropriate temperature. All facilities controlled by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate in which medicinal products are marketed must be properly adapted for storing medicines, especially those sensitive to high temperatures (thermolabile).
Therefore, all links are involved in maintaining the “cold chain” – from the manufacturer through pharmaceutical wholesalers to pharmacies. In accordance with art. 18 clause 8 of the Act of 5 December 2008 on preventing and combating infections and infectious diseases in humans, vaccines purchased by the Minister of Health are transported and stored in accordance with the “cold chain” and on the principles set out in the provisions of pharmaceutical law.

The temperature of drug transport depends on the specifics of the product, most often they are 25°C-15°C, 15°C – 8°C and 8°C to 2°C.
Considering the safety of pharmaceuticals, the most difficult is transport in the so-called cold supply chain, i.e. at a temperature of 2 to 8°C. Maximum air humidity also results from the specificity of the goods (max. Up to 70%). It is also mandatory to document that the transport of the drugs took place at the required temperature.

Efento Transport is a system for monitoring and recording temperature in transport, composed of wireless temperature sensors functioning together with free application available for Android phones. The system records temperature values, alerts users with audible alarms on exceeding temperature thresholds, generates reports, and supports the distribution of shipments. Efento Transport meets the needs of companies distributing medicines and vaccines that require continuous temperature monitoring.


The loggers are accurate and reliable, durable and easy to maintain.


Secure software with encrypted connections – proven in over 300 large installations with up to 1000 sensors.


The solution complies with the legal requirements of the GxP, HACCP guidelines, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, the manufacturer provides materials for validation.


Easy and self-installation, the sensor is ready to use right out of the box. System configuration will take less than 15 minutes.


Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years.

Registration of measurements

The temperature measured by each sensor is wirelessly sent to the driver’s smartphone. The measurements are also stored in the memory of each sensor in case of connectivity problems (they are automatically retransmitted after the resumption of communication). The measurement data can also be uploaded to the server.

Charts, statistics

Temperature measurements stored in the application can be displayed in graph form. In addition, for each completed route the application determines the minimum and maximum temperatures, together with the date and time of their occurrence.


Efento Transport associates temperature measurements with routes – from the start of goods delivery to the end. Pressing the “Start” button starts recording the measurements of temperature, pressing the “Stop” ends the recording and generates a report with a summary that can be automatically sent to any email. Historical routes are logged in the application and can be reproduced at any time along with information about any overshoots of temperature thresholds.

Easy operation

The logger connects to the phone or tablet wirelessly and does not require installation of any drivers. Simply pull the logger out of the box, install the app and start to record temperature, humidity and pressure!

Sound alarm

The application alerts the driver on exceeding a set threshold with audible alarm generated by the smartphone, along with information on the current temperature. The information about the alarm is recorded in the report. The application allows user to set a reminder – if the temperature has not returned to a safe range, the alarm will start again after a preset period of time.

PDF and CSV reports

At any time, the measurements can be sent in the form of a report (pdf or csv) to any email. With this solution, your customers receive reports at the moments of delivery, and you can forget about printing long and inconvenient reports from the routes.

Automatic reports

Efento Transport also enables automatic emailing of reports to selected users at the end of the route. When the driver presses the “Stop” button, you get a report summarizing the route, including all the measurements and the minimum and maximum values measured by each of the sensors.

E-mail alerts

The application allows you to set two lower (warning and alarm) and two uppers (warning and alarm) temperature thresholds. If the temperature exceeds one of the thresholds, the system can send the email addressed to any defined recipients. The notification options can be freely configured, e.g. warnings can be sent to different group of recipients than alarms, warnings can be omitted etc.

Remote temperature readings

Efento Transport allows for remote reading of current temperature values at any time. If the application works with the server, the measurements are displayed online in the browser, otherwise, the current temperature readings can be provided via e-mail.


Starting a trip, the driver can enter, scan or download from a server the associated waybills, so that the measurements can be assigned to specific parcels/deliveries and registered in the reports for the consignors and consignees.


The application can control the delivery of shipments. Each of the shipments can be labeled with the appropriate status: delivered, damaged, refused, lost. It is also possible to use the camera of the phone to scan the numbers of shipments. If the application works with a server, the waybill tracking numbers can be downloaded from the server and sent back to it after finishing delivery trip.

ERP software integration

Efento Transport can on a regular basis pass all measurements, events, information about exceeded alarm thresholds to a customer’s server – it allows the customer to view the current and analyze the archival data. It is also possible to integrate the application with any ERP software, so that the temperature reports from delivery routes can be paired with invoices or warehouse documents.

Quick and easy implementation

Complete remote monitoring system for transport

Application operation


The driver starts the application and enters his/her ID and registration number of the car. The data will be visible in the report with temperature measurements.


The driver enters or scans waybills. If the application is integrated with the company’s server, the information is downloaded automatically. Waybill numbers are visible in the reports.


The driver presses the “Start” button and starts recording the temperature. If the application is integrated with the company’s server, the data is continuously transmitted to it.


The application can register the delivery of shipments. The driver marks the delivered shipments on a list, or scans their numbers. If the application works with the company’s server, the data is instantly sent to it.


The driver can at any time send report with measurements to any email address (e.g. to the consignee/recipient) in order to document temperature during transport.


After the trip, the driver presses the “Stop” button to end recording of measurements. An automatic report is generated from the route (temperature measurements, number of kilometers driven), which can be sent to any email address.


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