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The basic principle of epidemiological safety in hospitals, laboratories and dissectors is to ensure proper air circulation. The design rules for such systems are very precise and provide appropriate standards. From this article you will learn more how to ensure the proper air flow and how to monitor it online

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Calibration is a comparison of the indications of the measuring instrument (thermometer, hygrometer or any other sensor) with the indications of the very precise laboratory device. Calibration is done in accordance to national or global standards by accredited laboratories. In this article you will learn more about the calibration process, norms and calibration certificates.

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The Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) is a parameter that allows you to evaluate the effects of temperature changes on the vaccine or drug quality. In case of temporary exceeding of storage temperature limits, it can be determinant of the usefulness of the drug. Mean Kinetic Temperature is important both in the preparation of facilities for storage and distribution, as well as during their operation.

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