Condition monitoring in pharmaceutical wholesellers

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Condition monitoring in pharmaceutical wholesellers

In accordance with the requirements of pharmaceutical supervision,  pharmaceutical wholesalers must ensure appropriate storage conditions for drugs and vaccines, in the temperature range of 2-8°C. Responsibility for this assurance is borne by the manufacturer, pharmaceutical warehouse and pharmacy.

Efento Cloud is a solution for pharmaceutical wholesalers, where temperature and humidity have to be monitored in tens or even hundreds of points, and for similar facilities in various locations, e.g. a network of pharmacies. The data can be sent to the platform from any location, and the information is available for authorized staff via a web browser. The platform allows users to display the measurement data, generate reports for any period of time, configure SMS / email alerts.

Efento sensors can be supplied with a calibration certificate. Tests are carried out in an external measuring laboratory accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation at any measuring point. We offer calibration of all registrars provided by us in accordance with legal requirements related to the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry or in accordance with the recommendations of our clients’ internal quality assurance departments.

Optionally, the customer may decide to periodically review and calibrate the sensor. As part of this service, we provide delivery of a new sensor to the customer along with a current calibration certificate and collection of the old device. An additional advantage of using this service is the extension of the warranty for another two years


The loggers are accurate and reliable, durable and easy to maintain.


Secure software with encrypted connections – proven in over 300 large installations with up to 1000 sensors.


The solution complies with the legal requirements of the GxP, HACCP guidelines, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, the manufacturer provides materials for validation.


There are no subscription fees for using the Cloud.


Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years.


How does it work?

Efento Cloud

What and where you should monitor

Medical refrigerators

Drugs and vaccines require controlled storage conditions in medical refrigerators. Constant supervision of the right temperature allows you to maintain the quality of stored medicines.

Knowledge library:

Server rooms, archives, boiler rooms

In the pharmaceutical company there are rooms such as server rooms, archives with data and the most important areas of the industry’s activity, as well as boiler rooms and technical rooms. These places must be secured against water, which may result in data loss as well as financial and image losses.
These rooms can be monitored using remote systems such as flood sensors, both the entire surface and the designated area.


    Power consumption

    In firms, energy costs are a significant item in the statement of expenditure. It is not surprising, therefore, that measures to reduce them are treated more and more seriously, as reducing these costs may increase the company’s profitability.
    The Efento system allows you to monitor not only electricity but also water or gas consumption. The use of pulse counters allows constant monitoring of costs, generating alarms when exceeded, as well as full visualization of data on the Cloud platform.


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