Implementation of the Efento Cloud temperature monitoring system in Vaccination Centre

About our client

Solimed is a vaccination and medicine center, where specialist consultations and vaccinations against infectious and invasive diseases are carried out before traveling abroad, especially in exotic destinations. The facility issues international vaccination books, the so-called “Yellow books”, obligatory when traveling to a number of countries with different climatic and epidemiological conditions.

Problem to solve / task

Large amounts of vaccines are stored in the facility. Daily checking the temperature in refrigerators with a thermometer is time consuming, in some cases, e.g. on Saturdays and Sundays, it is almost impossible. In accordance with regulations, vaccines should be stored in refrigerators, which are subject to temperature monitoring with alarms warning of deviations from the storage conditions. In addition, data archiving is required to confirm storage conditions.


Thanks to automatic temperature monitoring, there is no need for tedious and arduous activities that can be easily automated. On-line recording is reliable, cannot be modified and complies with EU recommendations. This allows travelers to be sure that vaccines that receive are stored as recommended.
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Vaccination and Travel Medicine Center Solimed Wieliczka


The Solimed Center uses Efento Cloud to monitor the temperature in refrigerators where vaccines are stored.
Efento wireless temperature loggers measure the temperature and then send data to the gateway, from where they are transmitted to the platform “in the cloud” – Efento Cloud.

Temperature logger working in a medical fridge

Efento Cloud solution enables collecting and visualizing data from recorders (e.g. in the form of a chart or tables) and generating automatic reports. If the set thresholds are exceeded, the system allows sending notifications to any number of users, both in the form of e-mail and SMS.


Vaccines are stored securely under controlled conditions. Thanks to the Efento Cloud architecture, the measurement data is secure – stored in the memory of temperature recorders, in the gateway memory and in the server platform. In addition, if the set thresholds are exceeded, SMS / email notifications are sent. The Efento Cloud system is wireless, thanks to which the installation of temperature recorders boils down to their arrangement at appropriate points, without the need for cables.
In addition, the Solimed Medical Center provides patients with a preview of the temperature in their refrigerators after logging into their Efento Cloud account. Thanks to such transparency, patients are sure that Solimed provides the highest quality services, and vaccines are stored by them in a safe and in the best conditions.

Safety first

Vaccine safety is monitored and staff can check vaccine storage conditions by logging into Efento Cloud

Automatic operations

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Legal requirements

The implemented solution is compliant with legal regulations