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We develop wireless sensors and IoT cloud platform for sensor data

Efento was founded in 2014. Since the beginning, we focus on solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and Cloud computing.

As one of the few companies in the world, we offer an integrated solution for monitoring and analyzing various physical parameters, based on wireless sensors (Bluetooth Low Energy, Narrowband IoT), advanced cloud platform, and mobile applications.

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Our vision

We want to make monitoring of any physical or chemical value as easy as possible

In the coming years, billions of IoT devices will be deployed around the World. Efento is one of the World’s pioneers in physical and chemical values sensors based on wireless IoT communication techniques. When designing our products, we make sure that both our hardware and software are:

Convenient to use

Our solutions are designed to make the setup and operations as easy as possible. Unlike the current hardware, our loggers are easy to install and work for a long time without any maintenance by the users. Data collection and analysis software is hosted by us, so customers do not need to worry about setting up, maintaining and updating server infrastructure.


We offer a complete solution for data collecting and analysis including sensors, transmission and cloud platform.

Cost efficient

Our solutions are designed in a way to be cost effective. Due to simple installation and no maintenance, long battery life, low transmission costs and software hosting in the cloud, the total cost of ownership of Efento products is lower comparing to traditional monitoring solutions.


We believe, that the IoT is all about data. That’s why Efento’s sensors and cloud platform allow you to integrate with any third party solution and enrich your data with the insights you may get from the wireless sensors

Over 20 sensors

We have over 20 types of wireless sensors in or product portfolio

1 million

Number of data points daily received, analysed and stored in Efento Cloud platform

10 years

Our wireless sensors can work up to 10 years on batteries

Short history of Efento




We already cooperate with distributors in 25 countries.


Wireless illuminance logger

Wireless illuminance logger is a lux meter, measuring the intensity of light as visible by the human eye. The precision spectral response and strong IR rejection of the device enables it to accurately meter the intensity of light as seen by the human eye regardless of light source.


NB-IoT and BLE sensors - FCC certification.

Efento NB-IoT and BLE sensors are now FCC certified and can be delivered and used in the USA.


Efento Cloud update.

The latest Efento Cloud update brought a bunch of new features including full support for 4-20 mA / 0-10 V sensors with conversion of the measurements to other physical values, information about signal quality for NB-IoT sensors and improved alert rules configuration.


4-20 mA / 0-10 V sensor interface

Efento 4-20 mA / 0-10 V sensor interface allows users to connect any type of analog sensor. Device can be equipped with up to four analog interfaces (2 x 4-20 mA and 2 x 0-10 V). Sensors can be powered either from the device’s battery or by an external power source. 


NB-IoT motion / presence sensor released

Allows to detect motion (like regular PIR sensor used in alarm systems) or room occupancy (conference rooms, office spaces, etc.). User can configure the device to detect every single movement or set the number of movements in a time period required to detect the room occupancy. NB-IoT motion / presence sensor


Efento mobile application

Efento mobile application allows users to interact with all Efento sensors
(configuration, reading the measurements) and Efento Cloud platform (access to the sensors measurements and all cloud functions through a mobile device). Application is available free of charge in Google Play.  You can display current and historical measurements from the sensors, check the alerts, change the alarm rules, generate and schedule reports and manage users. All you need to do is download a free mobile application from Google Play and log in to your Efento Cloud account. The application is also used to wirelessly configure NB-IoT sensors and Efento Gateways.


Efento limited liability company

On December 31, 2021, the company changed its legal personality, becoming a limited liability company.
The current name of the company: Efento spolka z o.o.
Other data remained unchanged.


New types of Efento NB-IoT sensors

Soil moisture, CO2, VOC and pipe pressure sensors are now available in NB-IoT. Check out the whole range of Efento NB-IoT sensors


Efento on GitHub

We have launched a GitHub profile, which contains code examples, tutorials on how to integrate Efento’s products into your solutions and useful tools. We will be regularly adding new tools and examples, so don’t forget to follow us! Efento GitHub


Efento x IoT Creators - Deutsche Telekom platform

 Efento NB-IoT sensors have been successfully integrated with Deutsche Telekom’s platform How does it work? Set up an account at -> Get a SIM card -> configure Efento sensor -> receive sensor’s messages to your server over REST. Learn more how to onboard Efneto device


Efento sensors have been integrated with ThingsBoard

 You can now connect our NB-IoT sensors with your instance of this powerful IoT platform in minutes! Check out our tutorial


Efento offers sensors with NB-IoT connectivity across Europe

We are glad to inform you that the installation and set up of Efento NB-IoT sensors will now be easier, as customers will be able to order the devices with pre-installed SIM cards (5 years of communication paid), which will communicate with NB-IoT networks in 18 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


New NB - IoT sensor - global reach!

NB-IoT module supports global bands: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B66)
New NB-IoT sensors


New Efento Cloud

We have refreshed the user interface of Efento Cloud. The new frontend, available from 09/21/2020, will offer the same functionalities as the current one in a more intuitive way. For a few months, the new frontend will work in parallel with the old one.
The introduced changes are free for all users.


New mobile application "Efento"

It is designed to work with Efento Cloud and gives access to all functions of the platform via a smartphone. In addition, it allows you to easily configure sensors and gateways and add them to the platform. The application is free for all Efento Cloud users. Find out more



Efento took a part in the XXIX Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj, Poland



Each day over million measurements are received, analysed and stored by Efento Cloud platform



Our products are present in 35 countries on five continents



We have developed NB-IoT and LTE-M (LTE-Cat M1) loggers. These devices are one of the first family of battery powered cellular loggers in in World



By the end of 2018, our NB-IoT loggers have been tested in 11 countries: in Poland, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Greece and Switzerland



Efento was included in the group of 12 companies invited to present their solutions in the “New Technologies” section at the Polish Economic Exhibition organised by the President of the Republic of Poland. The exhibition presents the achievements of the Polish economy in the last 100 years.



Efento’s NB-IoT sensors has been nominated to AMA prize by Verband für Sensorik und Messtechnik



Efento has developed NB-IoT based sensor which measures temeprature and humidity and sends the measurements over the NB-IoT network to Efento Cloud platform



Efento was selected as one of 12 European companies which will develop NB-IoT based products or solutions in WARP program organized by hub:raum along with T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom.



In March 2017 Efento sensors were awarded a gold medal at the Automaticon 2017. Automaticon is Poland’s largest automation and measurement fair.



In December 2016 our Hungarian partner started selling Efento solutions. The Hungarian site is available at, and the Hungarian branch is our first offshore base. From December 2016 all our products support Hungarian.



In July 2016 we launched Efento Cloud platform for monitoring of physical parameters and management of Efento sensors.

We now offer Bluetooth – Ethernet gateway, a device that receives measurement data from Efento sensors and sends them to Efento Cloud.



Till the end of 2015 our systems are monitoring temperature in above 1000 vehicles delivering medicines and vaccines to pharmacies and in more than 3000 medical refrigerators



In September 2015 we introduced humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors. The sensors cooperate with Efento Logger and Efento Inspector mobile applications



In June 2015 we developed and launched Efento Transport application. The app has been implemented by Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A. As a part of a pilot project, the application monitored temperature in 50 vehicles, then the system has been deployed in more than 350 vehicles of the company.



Till the end of 2014, customers bought over 1000 Efento sensors. They have been used mainly for monitoring temperatures in medical refrigerators in clinics and health centers, vaccination points and pharmacies.

We introduced Efento Logger application registers temperatures in cold stores, during food production and transport, when mapping temperature in buildings and in other objects. The system also gained great popularity in viticulture, to determine SAT and GDDC parameters.



First Efento sensors and loggers were launched in June 2014. At this time we also developed the initial version of the application for monitoring temperature in medical refrigerators – Efento Inspector. The products quickly became bestsellers. The main customers are clinics, health centers, vaccination points.
Efento Inspector is a modern solution with a greater number of functions and easier operation than other systems for temperature monitoring.



Efento company was founded in March 2014. Our purpose has been the introduction to the market of new convenient and easy to use wireless temperature sensors and loggers based on the newest Bluetooth Low Energy communication technology. The company has been founded by three partners in Krakow, Poland.

Newsletter (November)

Efento Cloud update.
The latest Efento Cloud update brought a bunch of new features including full support for 4-20 mA / 0-10 V sensors with conversion of the measurements to other physical values, information about signal quality for NB-IoT sensors and improved alert rules configuration.
NB-IoT sensors - FCC certification.
Efento NB-IoT sensors are now FCC certified and can be delivered and used in the USA. Please contact our sales team for more information.
New arrival! NB-IoT illuminance sensor.
We have recently launched an illuminance sensor with a measurement range of 0.01 lux to 83k lux. More information and technical specification available on the product site.
Archives monitoring - Spain.
Learn how Efento NB-IoT sensors are used to monitor environmental conditions in the Historical Archive of the Generalitat de Catalunya in order to preserve the historical documents for the future generations.
2023 IoT & Edge Developer Survey.
What do developers, architects and decision makers think about the IoT landscape in 2023? Check out the key findings from Eclipse Foundation’s annual IoT & Edge Developer Survey

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