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Our clients are companies from the pharmaceutical & healthcare and telecommunication sectors, food industry, production companies and museums. Efento customers use our products to monitor their assets and buildings, decrease the costs of operations or create completely new solutions.

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Environmental conditions monitoring in the archives of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The Generalitat de Catalunya is the government of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. It has a long and complex history, and its historical archive contains a wealth of documents and records that trace the history of Catalonia. Learn how Efento NB-IoT loggers and the cloud platform help to constantly monitor the environmental conditions in the archive's rooms.

Temperature monitoring in Parisian ice cream parlors

A seamless cold chain is crucial for ice cream parlors to deliver impeccable products that tantalize the taste buds and beat the summer heat. Learn how Instrumentys has built a temperature monitoring system for Parisian parlors.

Rescue dogs transport conditions monitoring in Norway

Learn how Norske Redningshunder (Norwegian Rescue Dogs) uses Efento NB-IoT sensors and Efento Cloud platform to monitor the temperature in the vehicles in order to increase the safety of the animals while ensuring peace of mind for their guardians.

Leaks / water detection in hot water utility vaults in Iceland

Learn how Efento NB-IoT leakage sensors are used by a utility company in Iceland to quickly detects and prevent costly leaks from the hot water distribution system.

Monitoring of the sea water temperature with Efento NB-IoT sensors

The Seaweed Company specialises in the development of high-quality seaweed products, including animal feed supplements, food products and biostimulants. Learn how the Seaweed Company utilises Efento NB-IoT loggers to monitor the conditions at their farms.

Agrineo – Good Laboratory Practice in plant protection products research

Agrineo is a company specialised in testing and analysing the effectiveness of plant protection products. In addition, the company conducts studies on plants that have been treated with pesticides to determine residue levels. All residue studies are carried out following the Good Laboratory Practice principles.

Blood and blood products storage temperature monitoring

The storage of blood and blood products requires constant monitoring of the temperature, in which they are stored. Learn how one of the major hospitals in southern Poland built a temperature monitoring system based on Efento's loggers and Efento Cloud.

Monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines in hospitals in Thailand

Efento wireless sensors measure temperature, and send the data to a gateway which transmits it to the Efento Cloud platform.

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Newsletter (November)

Efento Cloud update.
The latest Efento Cloud update brought a bunch of new features including full support for 4-20 mA / 0-10 V sensors with conversion of the measurements to other physical values, information about signal quality for NB-IoT sensors and improved alert rules configuration.
NB-IoT sensors - FCC certification.
Efento NB-IoT sensors are now FCC certified and can be delivered and used in the USA. Please contact our sales team for more information.
New arrival! NB-IoT illuminance sensor.
We have recently launched an illuminance sensor with a measurement range of 0.01 lux to 83k lux. More information and technical specification available on the product site.
Archives monitoring - Spain.
Learn how Efento NB-IoT sensors are used to monitor environmental conditions in the Historical Archive of the Generalitat de Catalunya in order to preserve the historical documents for the future generations.
2023 IoT & Edge Developer Survey.
What do developers, architects and decision makers think about the IoT landscape in 2023? Check out the key findings from Eclipse Foundation’s annual IoT & Edge Developer Survey

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