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Our clients are companies from the pharmaceutical & healthcare and telecommunication sectors, food industry, production companies and museums. Efento customers use our products to monitor their assets and buildings, decrease the costs of operations or create completely new solutions.

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Monitoring of the sea water temperature with Efento NB-IoT sensors

The Seaweed Company specialises in the development of high-quality seaweed products, including animal feed supplements, food products and biostimulants. Learn how the Seaweed Company utilises Efento NB-IoT loggers to monitor the conditions at their farms.

Agrineo – Good Laboratory Practice in plant protection products research

Agrineo is a company specialised in testing and analysing the effectiveness of plant protection products. In addition, the company conducts studies on plants that have been treated with pesticides to determine residue levels. All residue studies are carried out following the Good Laboratory Practice principles.

Blood and blood products storage temperature monitoring

The storage of blood and blood products requires constant monitoring of the temperature, in which they are stored. Learn how one of the major hospitals in southern Poland built a temperature monitoring system based on Efento's loggers and Efento Cloud.

Monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines in hospitals in Thailand

Efento wireless sensors measure temperature, and send the data to a gateway which transmits it to the Efento Cloud platform.

St. Mary’s Church in Lübeck – NB-IoT based temperature and humidity monitoring system

The consultants commissioned with the project had to select suitable temperature and humidity loggers to monitor the temperature of the stained glass surface as well as the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment.

Museum of Southern Podlasie

The museum of Southern Podlasie is located in the historic buildings of the park and palace complex of the Radziwiłłs' magnate's residence in Biała Podlaska for almost 40 years. The museum has in its collection nearly 40 thousand exhibits.

Integration of Efento sensors with TMS

Żabka Poland is the owner of the largest chain of convenience stores in Poland branded Żabka. In total, Żabka Poland has over 5 200 branches around the country.

Archives of the Jagiellonian University

The Archives of the Jagiellonian University are one of the oldest and largest university archives in the world. Efento loggers measure temperature and humidity, ensuring control over the proper storage conditions of exhibits.

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Newsletter (October)

4-20 mA / 0-10 V sensor
We are working on a device with analog interfaces, used to connect any type of analog sensor to the cloud. The device will be available in November 2022.
Efento Cloud update
In the recent Efento Cloud update we have added a bunch of new features, including support for sensors with up to six channels, hourly reports and new language versions.
Getting data from Efento Cloud over API
Learn how to use Efento Cloud REST API to get the sensors’ measurements into your application.
GLP compliant monitoring system?
Learn how our customers use Efento products to build environmental conditions monitoring systems compliant with Good Laboratory Practice requirements.
NB-IoT adoption takes off!
Number of NB-IoT connections grew by 61% YoY. Check out key trends in IoT adoption delivered by IoT Analytics.

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