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Our clients are companies from the pharmaceutical & healthcare and telecommunication sectors, food industry, production companies and museums. Efento customers use our products to monitor their assets and buildings, decrease the costs of operations or create completely new solutions.

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Temperature control in devices in ECO-HERA laboratory

ECO-HERA the Laboratory of Examinations and Measurements is providing measuring services in measurements of noise, emission of dust, organic compounds and gasses to air.

Implementation of the Efento Inspector temperature monitoring system in University hospital

In accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), all vaccines should be transported and stored in stable temperature conditions between +2°C and +8°C. Installing Efento temperature monitoring system in refrigerators allows remote control and supervision of vaccines.

Clinics and pharmacies – Efento Inspector provides safe storage of vaccines

Regulations require that refrigerated vaccines also be subject to temperature monitoring on saturdays and sundays. The system alerts you of deviations from the storage conditions. and archiving of measurement data.

Temperature and humidity registration using Efento loggers in Church of Peace in Jawor

Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity in historic sacred buildings allows supervision of the prevailing conditions and adequate protection of exhibits.

Monitoring of environmental conditions in vineyards

In the vineyard loggers collect information about temperature, humidity and soil hydration. Then this data is sent to mobile device where vineyard managers have access to it and can analyze it thoroughly.

Integration of Efento loggers with own software

Greensoft wanted to integrate the measurement and recording of environmental conditions into its software for healthcare facilities, laboratories, scientific facilities and biobanks.

Implementation of the Efento Cloud temperature monitoring system in Vaccination Centre

According to the regulations, vaccines should be stored in refrigerators, which are subject to temperature monitoring with alarms warning of deviations from the storage conditions.

Implementation of the Efento Cloud temperature monitoring system in hospital

Drugs and vaccines should be stored in refrigerators, which are subject to temperature monitoring with alerts warning of deviations from the storage conditions.

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Newsletter (July)

Efento x IoT Creators.
Efento NB-IoT sensors have been successfully integrated with Deutsche Telekom’s platform iotcreators.com. How does it work? Set up an account at iotcreators.com -> Get a SIM card -> configure Efento sensor -> receive sensor’s messages to your server over REST.
New battery life time tool and protocol tool.
We have recently deployed a new set of tools that allow you to simulate the battery life time of Efento NB-IoT sensors depending on their settings and encode/decode protobuf messages sent by the sensors.
Efento on GitHub.
We have launched a GitHub profile, which contains code examples, tutorials on how to integrate Efento’s products into your solutions and useful tools. We will be regularly adding new tools and examples, so don’t forget to follow us!
“How warm is the water?”
This is one of the most common questions you can hear during Swedish summer. Learn how the municipality of Lerum, Sweden uses NB-IoT sensors to monitor and publish on the website current temperatures of water in the lakes.
Efento IoT Academy: BLE sensors integration.
Is it possible to integrate IoT sensors into your solution in less than 60 lines of code?

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