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Complete NB-IoT based solutions

NB-IoT sensors that work with any cloud platform

Our product portfolio allow MNOs to quickly build a product, which can be offered to their customers. No matter what solution you think of using our sensors and could platform, you will be able to deliver it. Our customers have built various IoT solutions including: cold chain monitoring for pharmaceutical companies,  a system which decreases the risk of building damages by water leakages or by poor environmental conditions used by insurance company, air quality monitoring platform used by a large number of nurseries, a system of refrigerators energy consumption and temperature monitoring used by a large chain of grocery stores or an access monitoring system.

NB-IoT sensors

Efento NB-IoT / LTE-M sensors were developed from ground up to meet customers’ needs. Sensors measure over 20 physical and chemical values and seamlessly send the data over NB-IoT to Efento Cloud or any other cloud platform. On top of that, they are equipped with all software and hardware features a modern IoT device needs. Learn more about our sensors

Cloud Platform

Efento NB-IoT sensors can send the data to any cloud platform. If you do not want to develop your own, you can use Efento Cloud. Platform stores and analyses the data, informs users on any abnormalities, generates reports and sends them to users emails. Platform is suitable for deployments with any number of sensors, no matter if it’s a single device or thousands of them. Users can access the platform through web browser or a mobile application in any place in the World. Learn more about Efento Cloud

Why Efento?

Efento was founded in 2014. Since the beginning, we focus on solutions in the field of Internet of Things, Machine-to-machine communications and Cloud computing.

Today our tens of thousands of our wireless sensors monitor conditions in over 40 countries around the World and our platform receives over 1.5 millions measurements a day.

We want to make monitoring of any physical or chemical value as easy as possible. As one of the few companies in the world, we offer an integrated solution for monitoring and analysing various physical parameters, based on wireless sensors (Bluetooth Low Energy, Narrowband IoT, LTE-M), advanced cloud platform, and mobile applications.


We can provide you with sensors, which easily integrate with any cloud platform or with an end to end solution (sensors + cloud platform). All our products can be white labeled or branded with your logo


Our NB-IoT sensors have been tested in 25 countries with various MNOs. We have deployed tens of thousands of NB-IoT sensors around the Globe


Our NB-IoT sensors have all the features a modern IoT device needs including long battery lifetime, edge analytics, full remote configuration and OTA software updates


Efento sensors measure over 20 physical values. Due to the modular design, we can quickly develop a new type of sensor to meet your requirements. If you develop your own cloud based software, our sensors can be easily integrated into your solution.

NB-IoT sensors tested in 25 countries around the globe


Do you want to test it?

Order a starter kit - $165 only

Check it yourself. The starter kit includes all you need to test Efento wireless sensors and Efento Cloud platform:
- NB-IoT temperature and humidity sensor
- Efento Cloud access
- Free shipping worldwide

Newsletter (September)

Efento Cloud update!
We have added a new type of PDF reports and improved the floor plan feature. Both features are available now for current and future users of Efento Cloud platform.
New types of Efento NB-IoT sensors.
Soil moisture, CO2, VOC and pipe pressure sensors are now available in NB-IoT.
MQTT and CoAP - which protocol is better for battery powered IoT devices?
Sending the same data over the CoAP protocol uses around 70% less data compared to MQTT.
Efento IoT Academy: NB-IoT sensor integration.
Learn how to quickly integrate Efento NB-IoT sensors into any software solution.
NB-IoT networks are growing!
“We have invested in NB-IoT because we want to offer our customers the right tools for the right job, in a way which is affordable and accessible for every customer”. Vodafone’s NB-IoT network now covers 98% of the UK.

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