NB-IoT sensors

NB-IoT sensors measure and send the measurement values over NB-IoT networks. Sensors are optimised to be energy efficient to ensure up to 10 years of battery life and maintenance free operations. NB-IoT sensors send the data to Efento Cloud or any other IoT platform. Devices can be configured with a mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy or remotely from the server.

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Newsletter (May)

Efento Cloud update
The latest Efento Cloud update brought a bunch of new features including alert notifications for mobile application, remote configuration of NB-IoT sensors and alert webhooks
Efento Cloud - free notifications to mobile phones
Learn how to configure Efento push notifications and be always up to date with the alerts from your sensors.
FCC certification.
Efento Bluetooth Low Energy sensors are now FCC certified and can be delivered and used in the US. For more information and ordering, please contact our sales team
Water leaks detection
Learn how Efento NB-IoT sensors are used to monitor the hot water system that provides heat to over 90% of Iceland’s homes.
Amazon Sidewalk - a breakthrough in IoT?
Amazon has recently launched Sidewalk - a low power communication protocol allowing users to connect millions of IoT devices to the network. Is it a game changer for IoT?

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