Temperature and conditions monitoring in hospitals

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Temperature and conditions monitoring in hospitals

In accordance with applicable regulations and standards, hospitals require constant monitoring of multiple parameters such as temperature in medical refrigerators and freezers, pressure difference in rooms of high purity class and air quality in patients rooms.

Efento Cloud offers a solution which allows hospital to monitor and control all the important parameters in one place. The platform can notify hospital staff via SMS or email in the event of an emergency (e.g. sudden increase or decrease in temperature in a vaccine fridge). In addition, platform generates reports certifying the storage conditions of pharmaceutical products required for the purposes of documentation, to confirm the storage conditions of drugs or vaccines.

The big advantage of Efento’s system is cloud platform which is hosted and constantly monitored by us. You don’t need to worry about servers, updates and maintenance – it’s all done by Efento’s team. Combining that with wireless sensors, which can be installed in minutes without drilling a single hole, makes Efento solution perfect for hospitals.


Maintenance free operations. Software is hosted and monitored by us 24/7. The loggers are accurate and reliable and offer maintenance free operations for up to 5 years.


Proven solution. Efento monitoring system has proven in over 300 large installations with up to 1000 sensors. All products have manufacturer’s 2 years warranty.


Regulatory compliant. Efento Cloud complies with the legal requirements of the GDP, GMP, HACCP guidelines, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and others national regulations.


Wide range of sensors. Medical refrigerators, clean rooms and environmental conditions can all be monitored in one system.


Instant notifications. If conditions in any of the monitored place or objects exceed the safe values, personel will be notified immediately.

Quick and easy implementation

Monitoring system without subscription fees.

Efento Cloud

What and where should be monitored?

Medical refrigerators

A hospital pharmacy, supplying all hospital departments with medicines and vaccines requires constant monitoring and registration of the temperature in refrigerators, as well as temperature and humidity in rooms where medicinal products are stored.
Maintaining optimal storage conditions for drugs, vaccines, etc. affects their safety and effectiveness.

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Operating rooms

It is very important to ensure appropriate parameters in hospital’s clean rooms, including operating rooms, tissue typing laboratories, stem cell banks as well as in other aseptic rooms located in the area of operating theaters.
Differential pressure sensors are installed in the rooms where sterility of air is required. That enables constant control over maintaining the appropriate pressure difference between rooms connected by pressure chamber locks. Providing the required direction of air flow between the rooms prevents the penetration of solid particles, microorganisms, disinfectant vapours into the clean room.

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Cell and blood banks

Cell and blood banks require constant temperature control in devices such as cryostats, low temperature freezers, refrigerators or incubators. Maintaining optimal temperature conditions in devices affects the correctness of test results and increases the security of storage of certain substances.
Efento offers a full range of temperature sensors including low temperature sensors, which allow to monitor temperature in cryostats, cooled with liquid nitrogen to -196 ° C.d.


    Server rooms, archives, boiler rooms

    Each hospital has a plenty of technical rooms such as server rooms, archives with patient data or boiler rooms. These places must be secured against sudden water leak, which may result in data loss as well as financial and image losses.
    Efento offers water leak sensors, which allow you to quickly detect water leakages.


      "Staff only" rooms

      Every hospital has rooms which can be accessed by staff only. Efento open / close sensors can be used to monitor the opening / closing the door of such rooms in order to provide full access control and monitoring.


        Power consumption

        In hospitals, energy costs are a significant item in the statement of expenditure. It is not surprising, that steps to reduce them are taken more and more seriously.
        Efento sensors allow you to monitor not only electricity but also water or gas consumption. Efento Cloud platform allows constant monitoring of usage, generating alarms when usage thresholds are exceeded, as well as full visualising the consumption on a graph.


          Patient's rooms

          Providing good environmental conditions in patients rooms not only increases patients well being but also speeds up the recovery.

          Efento sensors allow you to monitor indoor temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC) to make sure that the patients have good conditions for rapid recovery.


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