Monitoring of clean rooms and vaccines in University Children’s Hospital of Cracow

About our client

University Children’s Hospital of Cracow (UCH) is the largest paediatric hospital in southern Poland. The objective pursued by the hospital is saving the lives and health of children starting from their first day of life. All the diagnostic and therapeutic activities are carried out respecting the rights and personal dignity of the patients and in keeping with the most current medical knowledge.

Problem to solve / task

At the hospital there is a number of rooms which require clean room conditions. Moreover transplant material requires storing in liquefied nitrogen, where the constant temperature is required.

The control of the temperature is significant also in a vaccination center, where lots of vaccines are being stored.

The permanent monitoring of described parameters is required pursuant to applicable regulations. The hospital was looking for the flexible, modern, wireless system which would enable the control of various parameters among others of temperature, humidity, pressure difference.

It was really important to collect all data from different places on the one platform, as well as the possibility of the development of the system was a relevant issue by the next test points.

In accordance with applicable regulations constant temperature and humidity monitoring is required (both in refrigerators and in the rooms where medicines are located).



“The aim of implementation of Efento system was to build remote and unattended system which will allow monitoring of environmental conditions in clean rooms.  Before installing the Efento system we came across the problem of everyday, manual reading of devices installed inside the clean rooms. The Efento system is supporting both environmental parameters inside rooms i.e. the humidity, the temperature and the pressure difference between rooms, as well as is monitoring the temperature in refrigerators and low-temperature cryostats for storing frozen transplant material.
Efento system used in cryostats with liquefied nitrogen allowed for eliminating every day opening containers to measure the temperature. That was one of the crucial problems for us, as everyday opening of these devices, damages the protecting gaskets. The safety of stored material is better now thanks to e-mail and SMS notification also outside working hours.
The intuitive and clear Efento Cloud system is user-friendly, adapted for requirements and domestic standards. We can recommend it.”

Employee of the Children's Hospital


Hospital has decided to equip wireless Efento loggers working with Efento Cloud Platform.

Clean rooms

All the clean rooms have been equipped with differential pressure sensors. This allows hospital staff to constantly monitor the difference of pressure between the rooms and ensure that the clean air will move out of the room, if the door opens.

Containers with liquefied nitrogen

In cryostats (devices used to store stem cells) Efento low temperature sensors have been installed. Cryostats are cooled by liquefied nitrogen fumes (-196°C).

Medical fridges

In fridges located in the vaccination point Efento temperature loggers have been installed.

Storeroom with medicines and vaccines

In rooms where medicines and vaccines are stored, Efento temperature and humidity loggers have been installed.

All the devices have been calibrated in accordance to the applicable standards in order to confirm the accuracy of the measurements.

Differential pressure logger working in a clean room

The hospital solved a problem of monitoring the temperature, the humidity and the pressure difference, acquiring the confidence action and the data security.

  • Authorized persons are having access to current measurements from any place.
  • The system is informing responsible persons about exceedings set by sms, what it lets the reaction of the staff in case of any irregularities thanks to.
  • Thre is no extra charge for new versions of updates
  • For the development of the system exclusively a purchase of sensors is required, one gateway can work above 120 sensors.
  • At the Hospital over 30 Efento recorders were installed.


Safety first

The safety of medicinal products is monitored

Time saving

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Legal requirements

Solution is compliant with legal regulations