Efento Cloud new features – February 2024

Efento Cloud platform has just received an update! We have introduced several new features, including: improved onboarding process, updated filters and configurable administrative notifications. All changes are described in the Efento Cloud user manual.

Administrative notifications

It is now possible to configure the recipients of the low SMS balance and licence expiry notifications. By default, the user that created the organisation is set to be the one that receives the notifications. It is now possible to add other recipients of these notifications.

Updated filters

We have introduced a bunch of new filters for rules and web-hooks. It is now possible to filter the rules by rule type, sensors added, notification recipients and calendar settings. The web-hooks can be filtered based on their statuses (ok, no response, disabled, temporary disabled, error).

Improved onboarding process

To make it easier for the new users to configure their Efento Cloud organisation we have improved onboarding flow. After registering an account, the platform will guide the user through creating a new organisation and adding sensors. We have also included video tutorials, to make the onboarding process as easy as possible.

Efento Cloud - onboarding process

Chinese translations

We have added support for Chinese (Chinese traditional) language to the platform.

We are working on something big! Stay tuned…

On top of the features described above, we have done a lot of refactoring, minor bug fixes and preparations that will allow us to prepare a bunch of interesting features for the May’s update. Among other features, we are going to introduce white-labelling (your logo and colours for your Efento Cloud organisation), alert notification repeating / escalation, integrated connectivity information, support for calibration certificates in Efento Cloud and phone calls as a new type of notifications. Moreover the Efento mobile application for iOS is going to be released within few weeks! Stay tuned for the updates and as always, we are happy to hear your feedback!

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