Implementation of the Efento Cloud temperature monitoring system

About our client

The Malopolska Hospice for Children takes care of terminally ill children and their families. The institution runs, among others home hospice, care center and perinatal hospice. The mission and statutory goal of the Malopolska Hospice for Children is to provide care to as many terminally ill children as possible. The Lesser Poland Hospice for Children (MHD) is located in a newly built facility. The building, together with installations, was designed with maximum care for the convenience and safety of small patients.

Problem to solve / task

One of the key issues in the center’s operation is the problem of storing medicines, both in refrigerators and in pharmacy rooms. Medicines should be stored in constant, controlled conditions, and in the event of a threat (e.g. sudden increase or decrease in temperature), Hospice staff should be notified via SMS or e-mail.


The Małopolska Children’s Hospice uses Efento Cloud to monitor environmental conditions in rooms and temperature in refrigerators.
In pharmacy rooms, treatment rooms, medical refrigerators, there are wireless Efento recorders that measure temperature and humidity and then send data to the gateway, from where they are transmitted to the platform “in the cloud” – Efento Cloud.

Efento Cloud has 13 servers working in parallel located in different places. Thanks to this solution, in the event of a breakdown or trouble with data transmission to any of the machines, their functions are taken over by the others. This solution ensures continuous operation of the platform and full security of measurement data.

The Efento Cloud platform collects data and analyzes data, in case of irregularities – e.g. exceeded safe temperature value, notifies relevant users via SMS or e-mail. In addition, the platform offers many functions related to data visualization – e.g. charts, building plan along with information about the conditions in individual rooms.
Efento temperature sensors are universal devices that can work in parallel with smartphones. People staying in the facility can, thanks to the free application, track the current measurement values ​​on their smartphones.


The security of data storage and the reliability of the temperature and humidity monitoring system far exceeds the solutions used so far. The costs of operating and maintaining the system by the user are negligible because the Efento Cloud platform, maintained in the “cloud” is managed and updated free by the manufacturer – Efento.

Due to the wireless operation of the system, its installation is quick and convenient, without the need for additional cables in the building.


Vaccine safety is monitoring

Automatic operations

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Legal requirements

The implemented solution is compliant with legal regulations

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