Clinics and pharmacies – Efento Inspector provides safe storage of vaccines

About our client

The recipients of the Efento Inspector system are mainly outpatient clinics, which usually contain 1-2 refrigerators with vaccines. Currently, such a solution is used by the clinics of the Luxmed, Enel-med, Medicover, Flack networks and over 1,500 other such facilities as well as pharmacies and doctor’s offices.

Problem to solve / task

At the beginning of February this year it was loud about the cases of giving vaccines to newborns that should be disposed of because they were stored at the wrong temperature as a result of a temporary power outage caused by a hurricane. Interrupting the refrigeration cycle makes the vaccine lose its stability and effectiveness more quickly. Recently, pharmaceutical inspectors have decided to inspect refrigeration equipment in pharmacies and clinics.

Thanks to appropriate monitoring systems, the producer is able to prove that his vaccines have left the warehouses in good condition, and the distribution company that the transport took place in the right conditions. Therefore, for clinics it is also important to document the behavior of the cold chain.


The safety and comfort of administration of preparations applies to both staff and patients – certainty that vaccines are stored under recommended conditions.
Prevention of possible vaccine utilization – reduction of financial losses.
Permanent 24h temperature monitoring “from home”.
Notifications about overtemperature, power loss.
The temperature can be checked even if the application was not working.
Very good technical support.
I recommend the Efento solution.

Borek Fałęcki Family Clinic


Clinics to monitor temperature in refrigerators where vaccines are stored use the Efento Inspector system. It consists of a base station and a wireless temperature sensor placed in the fridge. In accordance with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Health, the sensors have calibration certificates issued by an accredited PCA laboratory.
The system alerts via SMS if the set temperature thresholds are exceeded and if there is a power failure.


Vaccines are stored safely under controlled conditions. The system notifies when the temperature is exceeded, and also sends alarms in the event of a power outage.

Measurement data is saved in the temperature sensor memory and in the base station memory. Reports with measurements can be sent automatically to the e-mail address provided. Installation is very simple, you can do it yourself, it does not require specialized knowledge.

Safety first

Vaccine safety is monitored 24 hours a day.

Automatic operations

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Legal requirements

The system complies with the requirements of epidemiology station

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