Implementation of the Efento Inspector temperature monitoring system in University hospital

About our client

Since 2004, the Hospital has been among the 10 best and safest Hospitals in Poland, and for all the years since 2004, it has been continuously assessed by CMJ as the best Public Hospital in the Łódź Province. All achievements would not have been possible without the work of qualified staff: a team of doctors, nurses as well as support staff and administration.

Problem to solve / task

An important issue of hospital work is the problem of storing medicines. Regulations require that medicines and vaccines be stored under controlled conditions, and in the event of an emergency (e.g. sudden increase or decrease in temperature), hospital staff should be notified via SMS or email. In addition, automatic reports are required to confirm the storage conditions.

According to the regulations, medicinal products and medical devices should be stored in refrigerators, which are subject to temperature monitoring with alarms warning of deviations from the storage conditions!


The implemented system meets the requirements and recommendations for monitoring the temperature of vaccines. It is simple to configure and does not consume additional time for service. It allows you to read temperature values ​​at any time and from anywhere. It automatically collects readings and generates reports.

IT Department Manager


University Clinical Hospital No. 1 N. Barlicki in Łódź implemented the Efento Inspector system to monitor the temperature in medical refrigerators.

Refrigerators located in one room are served by one base station – the smartphone.

Efento sensors placed in refrigerators measure the temperature and then send data wirelessly (Bluetooth) to the base station – a telephone with a pre-loaded application.
The system allows sending SMS or alarm emails in case of exceeding the temperature thresholds and lack of power supply, exporting data and sending them to the indicated email address, data preview on the chart.

Efento temperature logger placed in the medical refrigerator

Efento products were designed to be configured by anyone. All you need to do is: add sensors, set alarm thresholds and enter telephone numbers to which the SMS will be sent. Reports for any period can be sent to the mail in the form of a CSV or PDF file, after free configuration of the email account on the smartphone. The whole configuration will take about 15 minutes!


Medicines and vaccines are stored safely under controlled conditions. The system notifies when the temperature is exceeded, and also sends alarms in the event of a power outage.

Measurement data is saved in the temperature logger memory and in the base station memory. Reports with measurements can be sent automatically to the e-mail address provided. Installation is very simple.

The system is wireless, thanks to which the installation of temperature recorders boils down to their arrangement at appropriate points, without the need for cables.


The safety of medicinal products is monitored

Automatic operations

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Legal requirements

The implemented solution is compliant with legal regulations

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