Implementation of the Efento Cloud temperature monitoring system in hospital

About our client

Silesian Children’s Health Center John Paul II in Katowice is one of the largest children’s hospitals in Poland. GCZD takes care of the developmental age population in 24 specialist outpatient clinics and 16 hospital wards. The Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center annually hospitalizes approx. 17,000 patients.

Problem to solve / task

Regulations require that medicines stored in refrigerators are subject to temperature monitoring so that in the event of a hazard (e.g. sudden increase or decrease in temperature) it is possible to notify the personal responsibly.
In addition, automatic reports are required to confirm the storage conditions.


The Efento system is a good system that provides continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in refrigerators and rooms. The system was used for continuous temperature monitoring in refrigerators,
in which medicines are stored. Refrigerators are arranged in several rooms. Clear and functional interface. Possibility of notification about SMS alarms on a mobile phone. Good service and technical department answering all questions. Help in mounting the system. I heartily recommend.

IT specialist, SPSK No. 6 of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice, Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center John Paul II


The Silesian Children’s Health Center uses the Efento Cloud system to monitor the temperature in refrigerators where medicines are stored. Efento wireless sensors measure the temperature and then send data to the gateway, from where they are transmitted to the platform “in the cloud” – Efento Cloud. The system does not require the user to own servers or dedicated computers. If the set thresholds are exceeded, the system allows sending notifications to any number of users, both in the form of e-mail and SMS.

Efento Cloud solution enables collecting and visualizing data from loggers (e.g. in the form of a chart or tables) and generating automatic reports. Efento Cloud has 13 servers working in parallel located in different places. Thanks to this solution, in the event of a failure or trouble with data transmission to one of the servers, their functions are taken over by the others. This solution ensures continuous operation of the platform and full security of measurement data.


Medicines in the hospital are stored securely, under controlled conditions. Thanks to the Efento Cloud architecture, the measurement data is secure – stored in the memory of temperature sensors, in the gateway memory and in the server platform. In addition, if the set thresholds are exceeded, SMS / email notifications are sent. The Efento Cloud system is wireless, thanks to which the installation of temperature loggers boils down to their arrangement at appropriate points, without the need for cables.

Safety first

Vaccine safety is monitored

Automatic reports

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Legal requirements

The implemented solution is compliant with legal regulations

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