Monitoring of the sea water temperature with Efento NB-IoT sensors

About our client

Founded in 2018, The Seaweed Company specialises in the development of high-quality seaweed products, including animal feed supplements, food products, and biostimulants. The company has its own seaweed farms in Ireland, Morocco, India, and the Netherlands – soon Greenland.

The Seaweed Company – an example of products, an ideal source of organic proteins, sugars and fibers. Seaweed also contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients making it suitable for multiple applications.


Zeewaar, the first Dutch and organically certified seaweed farm located in a unique location in the Oosterschelde National Park


Understanding the conditions on the plantations is crucial for selecting the right plant species, that will grow well in a particular sea farm location. The Seaweed Company was searching for a temperature monitoring system that would provide them with the long term information on the conditions at one of their farms.

The key requirement was to provide water resistant temperature loggers, that would operate on batteries in harsh environment – salty sea water and wide temperature ranges. Moreover, the customer wanted to have remote access to the temperature values measured by the sensors at the sea farm. The data must be stored on the platform for few years, in order to provide the right input for plantations planning.

Seaweed farm – one of location of one of the Efento Loggers is marked in red

The most challenging part of this project was to find devices resistant to the harsh conditions – sea water and extreme temperature changes. Moreover, the devices had to operate on batteries for a long time. 


The company decided to roll out the monitoring system based on Efento NB-IoT devices and Efento Cloud platform.
NB-IoT Loggers in IP67 housings are equipped with dedicated temperature probes resistant to corrosive effects of the salty sea water. Loggers are equipped with Deutsche Telekom SIM cards that, thanks to the roaming agreements, provide connectivity across Europe. Devices send the data to Efento Cloud at set intervals utilising NB-IoT network – a power consumption optimised technology, perfect for wireless sensors. Thanks to this, the devices may operate on batteries for a few years.

Efento NB-IoT loggers in IP67 enclosures installed on buoys at the sea farm

Efento NB-IoT loggers in IP67 enclosures installed on buoys at the sea farm

Efento temperature loggers are equipped with a water and slat resistant probes dedicated to be used in the sea water


Measurements taken by the Efento NB-IoT loggers is transferred to Efento Cloud – a cloud platform that collects the sensor data and allows users to visualise it, react on the temperature changes and generate reports from selected time periods.

Efento Cloud is a cloud based platform, what provides quick scalability, security and safety of the data.  The platform is updated and monitored by Efento team, what gives the customers and users peace of mind. The data is constantly backed up in a data centre in a different geographical location than the main servers, to ensure that it will always be available for the customers.

Users can access the dat through a web panel or with a free Efento mobile application.


Thanks to the Efento system, Seaweed Company can constantly monitor the temperature at the seaweed farm and thanks to that plan what plant spices will grow well in that environment. As the devices are wireless and battery powered the installation was quick and easy.