Leaks / water detection in hot water utility vaults in Iceland

About our client

Iceland, a Nordic island country located in the North Atlantic, is famous for its geothermal energy resources. The country’s unique location on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a boundary between two tectonic plates, provides abundant access to geothermal heat. This geothermal energy is used for various purposes, including producing electricity and creating a highly efficient, sustainable hot water system that provides heating and hot water to almost all households in the country.

The distribution system in Iceland is designed to be highly efficient, with minimal heat loss during the distribution process. The hot water is delivered to each household at a temperature of around 80-85 degrees Celsius. The pipes are also made of a special material that can withstand high temperatures and corrosion caused by the hot water.

The hot water system in Iceland is highly sustainable, as it relies on a renewable resource. The system is also highly cost-effective, as the cost of heating and hot water in Iceland is significantly lower than in many other countries.


Efficient and reliable water management is crucial for the proper functioning of the hot water distribution system. It is crucial to quickly detect any leakages of the hot water pipes to prevent the damage, energy loses, potential costs and ensure the stable operation of the whole system.

The walls of the utility vault show signs of repeated flooding

It is crucial for the hot water distribution system operator to immediately detect any water leak and sump flooding, along with locating the failure. Thanks to this, the repairs can be done quickly, limiting the costs of the failure.


Vista, Efento’s partner in Iceland, designed and implemented water leaks detection system based on Efento NB-IoT sensors and cloud platform.

Efento wireless water leak loggers are designed to detect water presence with high accuracy, and they can be easily installed in hot water system utility vaults. The sensors are equipped with NB-IoT connectivity that enables them to send real-time alerts to the control center when water is detected, allowing the company to take immediate action.


Wireless water leak logger. Loggers can be equipped with IP67 enclosures

Wireless water rope sensors 

Efento NB-IoT sensors transmit the data over cellular network (Narrowband IoT) and do not require any additional devices (router, gateway, etc.). Thanks to NB-IoT, the devices can work in places with poor network coverage (cellars, utility vaults, etc.). Efento NB-IoT sensors can be integrated with any cloud platform.

  • Detects presence of a conductive liquid at the level at which the probe is mounted
  • Sensor sends the information to the cloud as soon as it detects water leakage
  • Probe length: 3m (different lengths available on request)
  • Batteries ensure up to 10 years of maintenance free operation
  • NB-IoT sensors send the data over the cellular network to Efento Cloud or any other cloud platform.
  • Sensor’s configuration can be changed remotely from the cloud or with a mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy
  • The device stores 40,000 measurements in its memory, when the memory is full, the oldest measurements are overwritten


Wireless water rope sensors are used in places where uncontrolled leakage can cause large damage

Wireless water leak logger

Measurements taken by the Efento NB-IoT loggers is transferred to Efento Cloud – a cloud platform that collects the sensor data and allows users to visualise it, react on the temperature changes and generate reports from selected time periods.

Efento Cloud is a cloud based platform, what provides quick scalability, security and safety of the data.  The platform is updated and monitored by Efento team, what gives the customers and users peace of mind. The data is constantly backed up in a data centre in a different geographical location than the main servers, to ensure that it will always be available for the customers.

Users can access the data through a web panel or with a free Efento mobile application.


By using Efento sensors, the utility company in Iceland can significantly reduce the risk of water leakages and their associated costs. The sensors provide an efficient and reliable solution for detecting water leaks, enabling the company to take prompt action and minimise the impact of the leak.