Temperature control in devices in ECO-HERA laboratory

ECO-HERA the Laboratory of Examinations and Measurements is providing measuring services in measurements of noise, emission of dust, organic compounds and gasses to air. From 2011 the laboratory has accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation (AB1286).

One of the necessary equipment used in laboratories is the laboratory dryer, which is used to properly prepare the materials used to measure dust emissions to the atmosphere. It is important to maintain the appropriate operating temperature conditions for such a device, as this affects the correctness of the test results.


“Action of the sensor is measuring up to our expectations. We can in very easy way read measuring data.
Additionally what is very important to us, the device is calibrated.”

Manager of the Laboratory of Examinations and Measurements Scientifically Research team ECO-HERA


The customer decided to purchase an Efento Bluetooth Low Energy logger with an external probe. Before use, the sensor was sent to an accredited calibration laboratory. Calibration at 105 ° C showed only a 0.2 ° C error. The logger is used in the laboratory to check the correct operation of the laboratory dryer.

The Efento wireless temperature logger is powered by a battery that lasts for a minimum of 2 years of operation and collects 60 000 measurements in its memory. When the memory is full, the data is overwritten – the oldest measurements are replaced with new ones. Data from the logger can be read and downloaded as a pdf or csv report and exported using any phone or tablet with a free application for Android – Efento Logger.

Installation of Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature logger with external probe


Constant control

Devices in the laboratory are under constant temperature control

Wireless access

Access to data by smartphone

Quick setup

Easy and fast self-installation that takes about 15 minutes