Monitoring of Physical Conditions in Warehouse and production halls

About our client

Pilkington Polska Sp. z o.o. is a global leader in glass production for automotive sector and technical and architectural glass.

Problem to solve / task

Customer was looking for a solution which would allow to monitor environmental conditions in order to ensure that the products are stored in right environment.

An important requirement was also to provide personel with alerts on rapid changes of temperature and humidity.



The company decided to use the Efento Cloud wireless system, which resulted from the assessment of the cable installation costs. The location of cables and infrastructure in the case of large halls could increase the installation price by up to 100%. The reliability of modern, digital wireless systems and the ability to quickly change the position of sensors were also taken into account.

The installation was undertaken by Dipol Sandomierz using Efento equipment. Several sensors are located in the halls, they send data wirelessly to the gateways. The gateways are connected to the TP-Link Archer MR200 router which connects to the Internet. Although the BLE / Ethernet gateway has the ability to connect to the Internet via a LAN, the installer decided to use Internet access via an LTE router. The advantage of this solution is the isolation of the data transmission system, without compromising the corporate network security systems.


Data sent from the router is saved and analyzed on the Efento Cloud platform. The platform works on 13 servers – this ensures data security, and in the event of a single server failure its functions are automatically taken over by other machines. Thanks to the web application, the data can be displayed in real time using a website, which is accessed by persons having the permissions received from the investor.

The platform collects data that can be analyzed thanks to generated tables and charts. If the set parameters are exceeded, the platform sends e-mail or SMS notifications. Thanks to the installation, the investor received an installation that can be expanded with additional climate or other sensors (gases, light, movement, etc.) in the future. One gateway can support about 100 sensors, range is up to 150 m in open space.

Right conditions

Ensuring appropriate climate conditions in warehouses

Time saving

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Low costs

Quick installation and implementation thanks to wireless loggers and a Cloud platform