St. Padre Pio’s Hospital in Przemysl


St. Padre Pio’s Hospital in Przemysl is currently one of the largest and most modern hospitals in south-eastern Poland. It has been founded in 1902 and currently the total usable area of hospital facilities is 52 395 square meters. Hospital consists of 23 wards, in which over 40,000 patients are hospitalised annually. They are looked after by over 150 doctors of various specialties.

Problem to solve

In accordance with applicable regulations constant temperature and humidity monitoring is required both in refrigerators and in the rooms where medicines are stored. St.Padre Pio’s Hospital was looking for a modern and reliable wireless monitoring system, which on top of being compliment with the regulations, would be quick and easy to install, so the hospital’s technicians can install and configure it on their own. Hospital wanted to install the system in the Hospital’s Pharmacy and the Department of Pathomorphology.



St. Padre Pio's Hospital in Przemysl

Efento Cloud allows monitoring of temperature and humidity in refrigerators and storage rooms of the Hospital Pharmacy. SMS and e-mail notifications about monitored parameters, allow us to tak actions, if there are any problems outside of Pharmacy’s working hours. It is a good safeguard for medical products and devices stored in the Pharmacy. The system allows us to easily check temperatures from any place in the World and automatically generate weekly reports. System does not require cable connections and allows measurements at multiple points simultaneously what makes it very useful in places where, due to the distribution of measurement points, wired connections would be a barrier.

In our opinion, the system is very helpful, we would recommend it in other medical facilities.


Medical Apparatus Department


The Hospital’s Pharmacy and the Pathomorphology Department use Efento Cloud to monitor the temperature in the refrigerators and temperature / humidity in the rooms.

Efento wireless sensors measure the environmental conditions and wirelessly send data to Efento Gateway, which transfers it to the cloud hosted platform – Efento Cloud. The system does not require the user to own servers or employ IT staff capable of servers maintenance and updates – the platform is monitored and maintained 24/7 by Efento team.

The key Efento Cloud functions for the Hospital are SMS / email notifications, storing and visualising the data gathered by the loggers (e.g. in the form of a graph or tables) and generating automatic reports.

There are no subscription fees for using the Efento Cloud solution, no fees for software upgrades.


Measurement data from wireless sensors is sent simultaneously to cloud platform, which works on the servers located in a few Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres located within the European Union. Thanks to this, in the event of a failure or trouble with data transmission to one of the servers, their functions are taken over by the others. AWS data centres meet all security and confidentiality criteria required by law.
In the unlikely case of a communication issues between Efento gateways and Efento Cloud platform, the measurement data is buffered in both the wireless sensor and the gateway. The missing data will be resent to the platform automatically once the communication is reestablished.

If there are any issues with the sensors or if the set thresholds are exceeded, the system can notify any number of users both in the form of e-mail and SMS messages.


The hospital has solved the problem of temperature monitoring, obtaining high reliability and data security. Moreover, the customer does not need to take care of the servers, updates and maintenance as the platform is cloud based and all that is provided by Efento at no additional costs (subscription).
Authorised personel has access to the current measurements from any place in the World over a web browser or a free mobile application.

If the hospital decides to add additional sensors to the monitoring system, he can do it easily by selecting a sensor from a wide portfolio of Efento devices which includes sensors to monitor temperature sensors for liquid nitrogen tanks, differential pressure sensors to monitor clean rooms (operating rooms, rooms for storing transplant preparations) or leakage sensors to keep the hospital server rooms safe.

Safety first

The safety of medicinal products is monitored

Time saving

Automatic data collection and reports extracting


The implemented solution is compliant with legal regulations

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