Implementation of the Efento Cloud temperature and humidity monitoring system at the DØNN ÆRLIG

Catering company DØNN ÆRLIG

Dønn Ærlig Catering AS is the largest supplier of hot meals for kindergartens in Oslo and the Akershus region. In addition, the company prepares and provides catering for various types of events, including supports weddings, corporate events, sports, artistic and many more.

Problem to solve / task

The Dønn Ærlig takes care of its high reputation and wants the products it delivers to be of the highest quality. In addition, sanitary regulations in Norway impose an obligation to store raw food materials at optimal temperatures. One of the basic conditions for the preparation of healthy and high quality dishes in mass catering facilities is the continuous temperature control of stored products.


Dønn Ærlig has decided to install a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system – Efento Cloud. The sensors have been deployment in freezers and cold rooms, where the temperature is between -25 ° C and 12 ° C. In a room where vegetables are stored humidity parameters are also controlled. Data from sensors is sent via Efento Gateway to the Efento Cloud platform. Employees responsible for the quality of products have access to information collected on the platform and they are informed (by SMS/e-mail alarms) if any of the sensors has measured values out of the safe range. This solution allows for quick action to restore optimal conditions for food storage.


Food products and ready meals are stored in controlled conditions. Employees are informed, if safe temperature and humidity values are exceeded. The system is wireless, so installation was reduced to deploymnet of  sesnors at the appropriate points. The user’s maintenance costs are negligible, because the Efento Cloud platform is managed and updated free of charge by the manufacturer – Efento.

Temperature control

Food stored in controlled conditions

Quick setup

Quick and easy installation

Wireless access

Access to data by smartphone