Efento Cloud new features – October 2022

We are happy to inform that Efento Cloud recently got an update. Update includes performance improvements, minor bug fixes and a buch of new features. Update is now rolled out for all Efento Cloud organisations and users are not required to take any actions. All changes are described in the Efento Cloud user manual.

Support for wireless sensors with up to six channels

The initial versions of Efento wireless sensors were supporting up the three channels (e.g. temperature, humidity, air pressure). Recently, we added support for up to six channels in a single device. You can choose a device from our product portfolio, or mix the channel types to match your needs (e.g. temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 and two external probes). After the recent update, Efento Cloud supports all sensor types, with any number of channels.

Hourly ranges for reports

When generating a report (PDF, CSV) from Efento Cloud, the users can choose the report time range with minute precision. So for instance, your report can now only contain measurements taken between 09:30 and 09:45 on the 5th of October. Before the update, when generating a report users were only able to choose a range in days and the reports were generated starting from midnight  to midnight.

Low SMS number notification

Many of Efento Cloud users use SMS notification to be always updated about the status of the assets they monitor. SMS notifications are based on top up credits – one credit is required to send one SMS. When the number of the remaining credits is getting low, Efento Cloud will notify the organisation administrators and ask them to top the credits up. After the update, it is possible to set a number of remaining SMS, at which the notification will be sent. The platform sends 4 notifications:  when the number of remaining SMS drops below the set value, when it drops below 50% of the set value, when it drops below 25% of the set value and when there are no SMS remaining. For instance, if the user set the remaining SMS warning to 20 SMS, the notifications will be sent at 20, 10, 5 and 0 SMS remaining.

Hebrew translations

Efento Cloud and Efento mobile application are now available in Hebrew. Currently Efento Cloud in available in six languages: English, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Polish and Spanish.

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