What's new? January - February 2022

Efento NB-IoT loggers: firmware 6.9 release

We have released a new version of the firmware for NB-IoT sensors. In this release we have added support for new types of sensors and improved some already implemented features. If you want to update the firmware of your loggers to v. 6.9.4, please use Efento mobile application.

  • Support for Sensirion SHT4x temperature and humidity sensor – on customer’s request, we can now provide NB-IoT loggers equipped with a high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor is available in few variants (SHT40, SHT41, SHT45) and can reach accuracy up to +/- 1% RH and +/- 0.1 °C. Like other sensors used in Efento Loggers, SHT4X is factory pre-calibrated and does not require any additional calibration by the user.
  • New types of measurements added to Efento indoor air quality logger – we have added support for the following measurements:
    • CO2 equivalent – based on the VOC concentration the logger estimates the concentration of CO2 in the room
    • Breath VOC – based on the VOC concentration the logger estimates the concentration human produced gases in the room
  • Support for differential pressure sensor – used to compare the pressure in adjacent rooms. Before, this type of sensor was only available in Bluetooth version, now also NB-IoT loggers can be equipped with it
  • Optimisation of NB-IoT module behaviour in case of no network connection. The newly implemented algorithm will reduce the number of communication attempts, decreasing the battery usage in case there is no NB-IoT coverage in the place where the logger is located
  • Support for any type of water leakage sensor – we have modified the behaviour of the leakage probe driver. After this modification, the user can plug in any type of the leakage probe and set the sensitivity and the threshold in the logger’s calibration parameters. Details described in the user manual

Efento Mobile application

New release of the mobile application (1.3.11) is available in Google Play. The key features and changes include:

  • Suport for breath VOC and CO2 equivalent – the application can get the data, generate the reports and change the configuration of all the settings for the newly added types of the measurements.
  • Edge logic rules for NB-IoT sensors – support for rule calendar and logic rules (AND operator), which have been released in logger’s firmware 6.8:
    • Rule calendar – it is now possible to activate a rule only on the selected days and times. For instance, you can set a rule “If the temperature increases above 5 °C on Mondays, between 10 and 11 AM, trigger the transmission to the server”.
    • AND operator – it is now possible to build a more advanced rule out of two simple rules. For example rules “If the temperature drops below 5 °C, trigger the transmission to the server” and “If the humidity increases over 50%, trigger the transmission to the server” can now be combined into one rule, which requires both conditions to be met, before triggering the transmission to the server (“If the temperature drops below 5 °C AND the humidity increases over 50%, trigger the transmission to the server”). This allows users to build more advanced logic and better control the transmission triggers.
  • Troubleshooting mode – do you have a problem connecting your NB-IoT sensor to the network? We will help you with that. We have added a troubleshooting mode, in which the sensor sends all the logs from NB-IoT communication to the mobile application. Based on this logs, we are able to quickly find the issue (wrong settings, network rejection, etc.) and provide the user with feedback how to fix it.
  • Sensor’s firmware update to v. 6.9.4 – if any of your sensor has an older version of the firmware, the application will detect it and ask you to update it to version 6.9.4. The update is performed over Bluetooth and takes approximately 30 seconds, so it’s a quick and convenient way of keeping your device’s firmware up to date

Efento Gateway

New firmware release (07.03) has been released and already pushed to all the gateways connected to the Internet. The firmware contains the following changes:

  • Added support for loggers with up to six channels
  • Added support for indoor air quality sensors

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