Implementation of Efento Cloud temperature monitoring system

The accredited testing laboratory UO – Technology is a modern laboratory that examines the physicochemical parameters of fruits and vegetables and residues of plant protection products.

A very important issue for the laboratories is constant temperature control in devices such as refrigerators, freezers or incubators. The maintenance of optimal temperature conditions in the devices affects the correctness of test results and increases the safety of storage of specific substances.


UO Technologia

“We are satisfied with the Efento system.

In our laboratory, Efento system replaced manual measurements of temperature and humidity of the environment and temperature measurements in refrigerators and freezers. The system is intuitive and user-friendly, the installation was very easy.”

Senior Specialist for Research and Development


The customer decided to install Efento sensors for constant temperature monitoring in the laboratory. A dozen or so sensors have been located in incubators, refrigerators, low-temperature freezers and in rooms where temperature and humidity needs to be monitored. The range of monitored temperatures ranges from -75 ° C to + 27 ° C. Before purchase, all sensors were sent to an accredited laboratory that calibrates such devices.

Efento Cloud platform consists of 13 servers working in parallel at different locations. In the event of a failure or trouble with data transmission to one of the servers, their functions take over the remaining ones. This solution ensures continuous operation of the platform and full safety of measurement data. If the set thresholds are exceeded, the system allows sending notifications to any number of users by e-mails and SMS.


The Efento Cloud solution allowed for constant temperature monitoring in devices located in the laboratory. The system informs by text message that the thresholds have been exceeded. It allows the staff to react when any of the devices work outside the correct range.

Constant control

Devices in the laboratory are under constant temperature control

Time saving

Automatic data collection and reports extracting

Quick setup

Quick and easy installation