Efento Cloud - temperature and other physical values monitoring system - frequently asked questions

What is the Efento Cloud system intended for?

Efento Cloud is designed to monitor physical values in large facilities (industrial plants, hospitals, warehouses) and in buildings located in remote locations (pharmacy chains, medical facilities, stores, gas stations, trafo stations, etc.).



What do you mean by “physical values”?

Efento Cloud now allows you to monitor: temperature, humidity, pressure, differential pressure, indoor air quality (IAQ), flooding, open / close.

In the near future, we plan to introduce a series of wirelss sensors enabling the detection of gas presence / concentration. Firstly, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and Ammonia (NH3) sensors will be introduced. In addition, we prepare dedicated solutions for specific clients – for example, for supermarket chains we prepare a sensor detecting the presence of a rat in a trap, which allows you to automate everyday, tedious checking of traps.

Expansion of new types of loggers does not require building a new communication network – it is enough to build, for example, a temperature monitoring system in order to connect more wirless loggers in the future.


What does the Efento Cloud system consist of?

The system consists of wireless loggers (working up to 10 years years on battery power) that measure and wirelessly transmit data to the gateway. The gateway sends data to the platform.



How much does it cost?

The system’s price includes: the Efento gateway price, which transmits data from wireless sensors to the cloud platform, the price of wireless sensors and a one-time license fee for using the Efento Cloud platform, data storage and generating reports/notifications.

The system’s price depends on the size of the system, the number and type of monitored points. The prices of all sensors are visible in our store.


Is the installation difficult?

Virtually all of the several hundred installations in Poland were made by users themselves. The installations were also managed by customers in 35 countries to which we export the equipment. We provide:


Are the sensors calibrated?

At the client’s request, the loggers can be calibrated by an accredited external laboratory.


For how long can a sensor operate powered by batteries?

It depends on the settings, but sensors can work on batteries up to 10 years. We provide a 2-year warranty on the battery. The batteries can be replaced by the user.


What reports can be generated by Efento Cloud?

Efento Cloud offers two types of reports:

  • PDF reports containing a graph and information on events. PDF reports are non-editable and generated for documentation purposes
  • CSV report containing measurement data with date and time. These reports allow you to import data into other programs for further processing

Efento Cloud can generate reports automatically or on demand.

  • Automatic reports – generated, e.g., daily or once a week, and sent to any number of recipients by e-mail.
  • On-demand reports – generated at any time by an authorized user


What can be the maximum distance between loggers and the gateway?

Communication between loggers and the gateway takes place wirelessly. Maximum distance depends on the construction of the building, the thickness of the walls and the material they are made of. It is safe to assume the following maximum distances between loggers and gateway:

  • in the building: 30 m,
  • in the warehouse: 120 m,
  • in open space: 300 m.


What does the security and privacy of data look like?

The data is collected on Amazon servers deployed in the European Union and meeting all security and privacy requirements. Additional information on this topic can be found in our privacy policy.


How to connect a gateway to send data to the Efento Cloud platform?

Most often, clients connect the Gateway to the local network and through it to the Internet. The gateway can be powered by PoE (the same cable that is used for data transmission and to power up the device) or using the power supply included in the set.

In the absence of cable access to the Network, you can use a GSM modem and use a cellular network for data transmission.


Why is collecting data on the Cloud Platform cheaper and more reliable than corporate servers?

By using the Platform, you do not need to build your own infrastructure to collect data, hire administrators to maintain servers, exchange hardware or update software. After paying a one-time license fee, all these activities are performed by Efento in cooperation with Amazon Web Services. The security and confidentiality of data is guaranteed by Amazon.


What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 2 years.


What is the largest project implemented?

Currently, the largest monitoring systems of physical values based on Efento Cloud consist of several hundred loggers.

At the moment, together with one of our partners we are in the process of implementing a pilot system of monitoring temperature for a district heating company. Ultimately, the system will include tens of thousands of sensors located in various places in the heating network, and sending temperature measurements to the platform. Measurement data together with other information (e.g. weather forecast, type of building) will be used to optimize the operation of the heating network.


Can the system be installed in a hospital?

Yes, hospitals are our biggest clients alongside pharmaceutical wholesalers, food processing plants, supermarkets, and chemical storages.


Do you have a reference list?

Yes, the reference list is available on the page.


Does the platform support NB-IoT and LTE-M sensors as well?

Yes. All Efento sensors work with Efento Cloud platform


Can I test the system before purchase?

Yes, please contact us for details

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