Integration of Efento sensors with Teltonika GPS locators

Efento sensors have been integrated with the Teltonika FMB120 GPS locator. As a result, temperature measurements made by Efento sensors can be sent to platforms that enable fleet management and monitoring.

FMB120 is a small and professional GPS tracker that communicates with the server platform via the GSM network and supports the GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou standards, which records the location data of the vehicle in which it was installed. In addition, after connecting to the diagnostic port in the vehicle, FMB120 can collect, among others, data on the state of the engine, the opening / closing of the truck door or the correct route (so-called geofencing). This device is perfect for applications where it is necessary to monitor the location and condition of vehicles: fleet management, tracking of rented cars, is used in taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, etc.

The FMB120 device monitors:

  • current vehicle location,
  • current fuel consumption and the way the driver uses the car – is his way of driving is economical and safe,
  • engine operation, sends data about its current status, and when damage occurs information is sent to the fleet manager,
  • when a traffic accident occurs, the device collects data and allows you to analyze the situation.



A company that wants to monitor conditions, e.g. during the transport of vegetables/fruits/medicines/animals, places a FMB120 locator and an Efento wireless temperature sensor in the vehicle. The devices communicate wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, thanks to which the measurement data from the Efento sensor are sent to the FMB120 terminal. In addition, the logger saves up to 60,000 measurements in its built-in memory, which can be read in the event of temporary communication problems. Due to battery supply and wireless communication, the sensor does not need additional wiring. The FMB120 locator sends data to fleet monitoring software or popular cloud platforms on an ongoing basis.



Teltonika provides its fleet management solution Teltonika RMS – Remote Management system that allows convenient management and monitoring of vehicles equipped with Teltonika locators.

The most important software functions are:

  • fleet monitoring in motion
  • recording the vehicle route
  • the ability to connect and configure multiple devices
  • monitoring of vehicle conditions
  • remote device management (e.g. record of device operation history, access to the device without an IP address, software update)

Thanks to this solution, one person is able to remotely monitor the entire vehicle fleet and have supervision over the conditions in refrigerated trucks. In addition, data can be sent to other popular IoT and fleet management platforms, among others: Azure, Hotspotsystem, Loccate (list of supported platforms can be checked here).



The FMB120 tracker and Efento sensor communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy.

After making the purchase, configure the FMB120 tracker according to the following points:

  1. turn on the device and make sure that the software version is FMB.Ver.03.25.09.Rev.51 or newer
  2. enable support for devices communicating over Bluetooth Low Energy and configure the connection parameters according to the screenshots below

3. In the “Bluetooth 4.0” tab, set the data parsing according to the screenshot below (enter the serial number of the Efento logger, from which you want to collect data in the MAC field).

After configuration, we get a fully compatible system that allows simultaneous monitoring of transport conditions and tracking the location of the vehicle. Data from the Efento sensor are wirelessly sent to the Teltonika FMB120 locator, which transmits all data to the selected cloud platform.

Teltonika has been involved in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) for over 20 years and their solutions and products are used worldwide. A company based in Lithuania currently employs over 900 employees in 11 countries and distributes approximately 70 of its products to 21 countries, including Canada, India, Dubai or Indonesia. The company manufactures products ranging from electronic boards to the final product for the customer. As they say about themselves, the key to success is the team of professionals that they create. Cooperation with the client, understanding his needs and assistance at every stage of activity are their main values.

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