Trends and changes in cloud based measurement systems in 2019

How does the cloud computing market look like in Poland?

We estimate that the increase in cloud-based sensor installations grow over 100% year to year. In the same period, the growth of the entire wireless sensor market was about 20%


Are cloud computing solutions safe?

Slowly but efficiently, cloud applications used on the common market convince customers about the safety and reliability of these solutions. The problem is rather the lack of a cloud offering in many industries and a lack of confidence in emerging companies.


What are the biggest threats associated with using cloud computing?

In our industry, many cloud solutions are currently being implemented in a prototype version. Underdeveloped designs can be discouraging, both from the hardware and software side.


What are the benefits of a cloud-based installation?

First of all, the costs associated with the setup and operation of cloud-based solutions are much lower compared to traditional solutions. This is due to the low installation costs and the lack of maintenance (server management, updates, etc.) after the setup.
From our experience, we can see much greater reliability of cloud-based solutions – customers who started with LAN solutions are moving to the cloud but no the vice-versa.


Who is most interested in installing cloud computing systems?

We observe the greatest interest from the so-called “greenfield”. In those markets where the use of measuring technology has been insignificant so far, and changes in regulations make it necessary to implement it quickly (medicine, pharmacy, transport, but also, e.g. the food industry).


Is cloud computing in Poland regulated by law?

EU regulations regulate the storage and privacy of data kept in the cloud.


What should you look for when choosing a cloud computing service provider?

First of all, two topics should be highlighted: supplier credibility and range of offer.

When choosing a service provider, you must choose a company that will ensure uninterrupted service and will not be liquidated after you start using his infrastructure. In addition, it is worth choosing a supplier who has a wide range services to offer. Market leaders (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) have accelerated greatly with the introduction of new services (e.g. websites for analyzing data collected on the cloud based on artificial intelligence).
Smaller suppliers may not compete, so solutions based on Amazon, Microsoft and Google products have an advantage.


What’s new for cloud computing?

In the industry of monitoring physical values (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.), the launching of commercial networks NB-IoT and LTE Cat M1 will definitely be a threshold event – this should take place this year. This will allow very convenient communication between sensors – platform and will cause the implementation of systems based on wireless sensors will become even easier and more reliable.


What are the main factors inhibiting the implementation of cloud computing in industrial factories?

Existing, old and efficient infrastructure and the lack of mature solutions based on cloud computing.


What are the current trends in the area of cloud computing?

The key to the industry will be the launch of NB-IoT and LTE Cat M1, followed by 5G networks, which will allow control of technological processes from the “cloud”. It is also important to develop the “interfaces” and unification markets that would allow for quick switching between “clouds” – in the event of liquidation of operator companies

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Efento Gateway software update

New version of Efento Gateway is available! Update to version 5.0.0 includes communication encryption (SSL), custom headers and custom endpoint. These features increase the security of Efento Gateway and allow even easier integration!


New Efento Mobile Application

We are pleased to announce that our new Efento Cloud application is now available. Mobile application that allows access and service of the account in the cloud from a smartphone, from anywhere in the world.


Trends and changes in cloud based measurement systems in 2019

Based on our experiences, we have gathered some information about cloud based measurement systems. Feel free to contact us, if you have any comments!

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