What’s new? March – May 2022


We have released a new version of the firmware for NB-IoT sensors. In this release we have added many new features and improvements for rules settings, user’s configurable diodes behaviour and remote settings of calibration parameters. If you want to update the firmware of your loggers to v. 6.10, please use Efento mobile application.

  • New features for rules configuration:
    • Delay – it is now possible to set a delay for alarm rules: if a condition is met for a set period of time, an action will be triggered. This allows settings rules like “If humidity has been over 50% for more than 30 minutes, trigger transmission to the server” or “If the door has been opened for more than 30 seconds, trigger transmission to the server”. It is also possible to use the delay parameter to control rule deactivation (“If temperature dropped below the set threshold and stayed below it for 15 minutes, trigger transmission to the server”).
    • New type of action: “Trigger transmission with ACK” – if this action is selected, the rule triggered transmission will always require an ACK from the server. Thanks to that, you can always be sure, that if the set condition is met, the server will receive the data from the logger (logger will resend the data until it gets the confirmation (ACK) from the server)
    • New type of action: “Send data on every N-th measurement” – this action allows you to change the transmission interval for the time period, in which the rule is active. For example:
      • Logger’s configuration:
        • Transmission interval is set to 1 hour
        • Measurement interval is set to 3 minutes
        • Rule set “If temperature is over 15 C, send each measurement to the server
      • Logger’s behaviour: As long as the measurement values are below 15C, the device sends the data to the server each hour. If the measurement value is over 15C, the device will send the data to the server every 3 minutes (until the measurement values fall below 15C)
  • Configurable LEDs behaviour – it is now possible to set LEDs behaviour to your needs (LEDs behaviour can be defined by the user, or on the production line for batch orders). It is possible to:
    • Enable / disable red diode blinking on the following issues: communication error, sensor error, low power
    • Enable / disable green diode blinking on: measurement, transmission, health check
    • Set the time after which the diodes switch off, if the device correctly attached to the network and sent the data to the server. This gives user full flexibility to define the diodes behaviour. For instance, it is possible to set the device to signal its state / operations until it successfully communicates with the server for the first time, disable diodes completely 5 minutes after the first successful communication and only use red diode to signal low battery
  • Configuration of calibration parameters from the server – calibration parameters are specific settings for some of the sensor types (e.g. debounce rate for pulse counters, PT probe type for high / low temperature sensors, reversed logic for open / close loggers, sensitivity for presence / occupancy sensor). It is now possible to set the sensor specific calibration parameters remotely, from the server. This allows easier rollout and provisioning of the devices. For instance, sensitivity of the movement / presence sensor can be remotely adjusted to the room type the device is located or pulse counter’s debounce time can be remotely adjusted to the meter it operates with
  • Enable Bluetooth interface for network troubleshooting – if Bluetooth interface is disabled, it is possible to set the device to automatically enable it in case of network / server communication issues. This allows users to easily diagnose the potential issues with the mobile application, while still saving the battery when there are no communication problems

Efento Gateway

New firmware release (07.04) has been released and already pushed to all the gateways connected to the Internet. In this firmware version, we added:

  • Getting time settings from Efento Cloud – if the gateway is not able to obtain time from the NTP server (e.g. due to the firewall policy), it will reach out to Efento Cloud to get the time settings

Efento mobile application

New version of Efento mobile application for Android (1.4.1) has been released. Key changes:

  • Added support for all settings available in Efento NB-IoT loggers firmware v 6.10
  • Added support for Efento Cloud API v2

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