We design and produce Nb-IoT and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensors along with gateways, which allow connecting sensors to Efento Cloud platform. All of our products are designed and assembled in EU, meeting the highest quality standards.

Wireless loggers

Wireless loggers measure and wirelessly transfer in real-time measurements of various physical values. Sensors cooperate with mobile applications (Efento InspectorEfento Transport and Efento Logger) or with Efento Cloud platform. Sensor’s range: up to 100 m (line of sight).

  • Wide range of measured values: temeprature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, differential pressure, open/close
  • Large built-in memory – up to 28 000 measurements can be save in sensors’ memory
  • Range: up to 100 meters (line of sight)
  • Battery operation time: up to two years
  • Works with free Android applications Efento Inspector, Efento TransportEfento Logger and Efento Cloud platform


Gateways collect data from wireless sensors and send it to Efento Cloud platform. Gateways are equiped with Ethernet interface and can be powered either by USB or PoE.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy and Ethernet interface
  • Efento Gateway collects data from your sensors and sends it to the Efento Cloud platform
  • The device is pre-configured – additional configuration takes less than 2 minutes
  • Connect the AC charger or use the PoE option to eliminate any additional cables!
  • One Efento Gateway can transmit measurements from 100 wireless sensors

Software solutions

Along with sensor hardware we provide complete set of software, including mobile applications and cloud platform. Below you can find description of our software solutions. All Android applications are free of charge and can be downloaded from Google Play. Efento Cloud’s and NB-IoT Cloud one-time subscription fee is included in sensors price.


Efento system meets the typical requirements of national regulations on the monitoring of medical refrigerators.

The system consists of base station (a smartphone running at least Android 4.4 and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0) with a display, and wireless sensors that communicate with the station. The application installed in the base station registers temperature measurements and sends SMS/email alerts on exceeding temperature thresholds that define the safe temperature range.


Efento Transport is a system for monitoring and recording temperature in transport, composed of wireless temperature sensors functioning together with free application for Android phones. The system records temperature values, alerts users with audible alarms on exceeding temperature thresholds, generates reports and sends them via emails and supports the distribution of shipments.

Efento Transport can be integrated with any ERP software.


Efento Cloud enables continuous monitoring of environmental condition. Depending on the needs, the system may consist of several to several hundred measurement points with Efento sensors. The data can be sent to the platform from any location, and the information is available for authorized staff via a web browser.

The platform allows users to display the measurement data, generate reports for any period of time, configure SMS / email alerts.


Efento Logger is a wireless temperature and humidity logger communicating with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0. The logger saves in its memory up to 28000 measurements. Efento Loggers are supported by free application for Android (4.4 or higher) devices.

By using wireless communication technology for transmitting data, it is possible to capture the measurements without having physical access to the device.


You can find our systems measuring temperature, humidity and air pressure in various industries. Hers are some of the most popular use cases.