Efento offers sensors with NB-IoT connectivity across Europe

We are glad to inform you that the installation and set up of Efento NB-IoT sensors will now be easier, as customers will be able to order the devices with pre-installed SIM cards, which will communicate with NB-IoT networks in 18 European countries out of the box.

Starting from January 2021 Efento customers will be able to order NB-IoT wireless sensors together with the connectivity provided by Deutsche Telekom and its roaming partners. Depending on the project type and size, it will be possible to order the connectivity in two models: one time fee (prepaid) or subscription. Efento will be able to provide the connectivity to both small, proof of concept projects and large scale deployments of thousands of wireless sensors. From the hardware perspective, Efento sensors are MicroSIM (3FF) and eSIMs (MFF) ready and both of them can be used, depending on the project requirements. 

Moreover, Efento NB-IoT sensors will use a private APN. This, combined with VPN connection between APN and Efento Cloud platform, provides a high level of security, as the communication between the devices and the cloud platform is “invisible” to any third party.

Thanks to the roaming agreements with Swisscom, Telia Company and Vodafone signed by Deutsche Telekom earlier this year, NB-IoT roaming is available across 18 European countries. These include Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

NB-IoT Roaming is available across Europe (source Deutsche Telekom)

About Efento: Efento focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and Cloud computing. As one of the few companies in the world, we offer an integrated solution for monitoring and analysing various physical parameters, based on wireless sensors (Bluetooth Low Energy, Narrowband IoT, LTE-M), advanced cloud platform and mobile applications. Efento’s products are present in 45 countries around the globe. For more information, please visit Efento’s website

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